Casaroma Wellness Centre has designed our site and our classes as a reference and referral guide to educate you with practical and timely information to help you gain knowledge of essential oils and other related products and resources.

Aromatherapy is similar to other healing modalities, it can be an accurate analysis of symptoms. Knowledge of the healing properties of essential oils and proper application of the synergies are keys to effective treatment.

Our classes are designed with you in mind. Offering you in depth, easy to understand instruction in a small class environment.  Our experienced professional educators will inform you on your topic with up to the minute current information on the class (es) of your choice.

At Casaroma Wellness Centre, we offer classes about Aromatherapy, Reiki, Introduction to Subtle Energy, Introduction to Foot Reflexology, Introduction to stone energy grids, Aromatherapy for your dog,  Seasonal Blending classes.

Be sure to check out each class topic for more detailed information.


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