Aromatherapy Classes Overview 

These classes are geared to anyone who has a desire to learn about Aromatherapy. Each class is geared to offer information about aromatherapy and each class has a theme. New information is often brought forward during these classes as well, everyone is welcome, whether you have no knowledge or an abundance of knowledge you will learn something new and we also make a product at the end of every class and that is fun as well.

We do try to keep the classes to small anywhere from 3-12 is a comfortable number per class. Pre-registration is required for each class and it is preferred that the classes be paid for when you register. With proper notice, you do not lose any money if you cancel or change your class dates.

This series of Aromatherapy classes includes:
6 levels, all classes take place on Sundays and run approximately 3 1/2 hours in length. Our classes are held all year round.

Each class module is $40.00 + tax and includes materials and handouts for each module.
You can bring a pen and paper, all other materials are provided.
One reason we request pre-registration is to have enough handouts and supplies available.
The class is informal, interactive and designed to give a good basic knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils.
The classes qualify as CEU’s with MTANS. Receipts will be issued for tax purposes.

Level  1:  General Aromatherapy Guidelines

(Cost $40.00 + HST. Includes materials.)

Level 2:  Aromatherapy and the Skin

(Cost $40.00 +HST. Includes materials.)

Level 3:  Aromatherapy and Our Emotions

(Cost $40.00 +HST. Includes materials.)

Level 4:  Aromatherapy for Personal Care and House Cleaning

(Cost $40.00 + HST. Includes materials)

Level 5:  Aromatherapy for Special Needs and Blending for Perfumery

(Cost $40.00 + HST. Includes materials)

Level 6: Hydrosols, Chemistry, Children, Pregnancy, Pets & Dangerous oils

(Cost $40.00 + HST. Includes materials)

At the completion of this series of 6 Aromatherapy Classes, you have 2 options open to you:

Option 1:

If you wish you can write an Exam:
You must get a passing mark of 80% in order to receive a Certificate stating you have successfully completed a series of classes in Aromatherapy and you now have a working knowledge of the basic safeties and therapeutic uses of essential oils.
This is handy if you are working in a field where you would be using essential oils with clients. The cost of this exam is $50.00 + tax.

Option 2:

If you choose to further your studies with Aromatherapy. We do offer a Professional Aromatherapy Course. This class meets every month for approx 12-14 months and includes many hours of home study and blending products. 


Professional Aromatherapy Course

If you choose to further your studies in aromatherapy, we do offer a Professional Aromatherapy Course. This class meets every month for approx 12-14 months and includes many hours of home study, case studies and blending products.  Each class costs $100 payable by the class.
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