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Best Quality Products

Casaroma Gift Certificates

Casaroma Gift Certificates are available from a range of  $10.00 to $500.00

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Essential Oils

At Casaroma Wellness all of our essential oils are the highest grade and sourced from around the world. Casaroma has spent over 20 years researching and establishing relationships with distillers, growers and professional aromatherapists that we feel have the same ethics and morals towards our aromatherapy industry and you, our customer


5ml - 250ml

Prices Range

$6.00 Onwards

+ Shipping and HST

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At Casaroma Wellness we offer Custom Blends to suit the individuals needs and desires using Essential Oils and Bases chosen by you, for you. Now available online and In Store

Prices Vary Due to Content

+ Online and in store

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Hydrosols, technically called hydrolats, are condensed from the steam that has passed through the plant material in the distillation of essential oils. During distillation the non water soluble material creates the essential oil and the water soluble material stays in the steam. As this steam cools, it forms a product known as a hydrolat or hydrosol. Like the oil from the plant, each hydrosol has its own healing properties.

$3.50 Onwards

+ Shipping & HST

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Casaroma Wellness offers Diffusers like the Hubmar SpaScenter Diffuserâ„¢. It is a cold air diffuser, apply 3-5 drops of your favorite blend or oil and enjoy! *Currently only available in store*


Diffuser, adapter and 5 reusable aroma pads


+ Available in Stores

Spascenter Diffuser
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Products for everyday use

There's nothing like finding that perfect product for your home - whether it be inside or outside. Whatever your needs may be, we have the right product for you!

Price Varies

+ Shipping & HST

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Customers Reviews

Owner was so nice, and knowledgeable about products and how their products are made! Cannot wait to visit the store again!!!
~ Sarah M

Natural products for you and your family

Handcrafted and all natural

I go here once a month for reflexology or reiko treatments. I wish I could go every week. The staff are wonderful and know what they are doing. The place is happy, and you will leave feeling so much more able to face your daily routines and the world at large.
~ Elinor B