After Sun: Looking after and caring for your skin after sun exposure



We can all enjoy some time out in the summer sun, but sometimes we end up staying out there a little too long for our bodies – and we get burned. It can be a painful experience. Here are a few products that could help with getting the heat and tenderness down and the skin back into balance. 

After Sun Gentle Wash with Aloe Vera

Apply all over wet skin and lather gently. This product is designed to help stop the action of a possible sunburn. Follow up with Heat Relief Spray once out of the shower.

After Sun Heat Relief Spray

Spray and gently massage into the skin after a day in the sun. This product is to help reduce the affer effects of a day in the sun.  Follow up with Nourishing Cream with Olive oil once you are completely air dried.

After Sun Nourishing Cream with Olive oil

Apply all over and gently massage a generous amount into the skin. This product is designed to lock in existing and additional moisture to the skin.

Week After Scrub

This product is to help exfoliate the already dead and peeling skin. Caution: Do not use before burn is at the healing stage. This does have exfoliating properties and can worsen a fresh burn. Apply in the shower to wet skin, rinse.

Week After Nourishing Cream

This product is to use after exfoliation to help lock nourishment in the skin. Apply once or twice a day. Gently massage in a generous amount.


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