Allana’s Musing – August 2021

These are strange times.  Fear is rampant – fear of a virus; fear of climate change; fear of a tumbling economy… fear of what changes may lie ahead.

 It is indeed hard to predict where the future will take us.  But there is one certainty for me.  This is where I base my security and why, at least most of the time, I can face the changes in my life and my world with some sense of equanimity.

I create my world. 

There are laws to this method of creation that are inviolable as the law of gravity is inviolable.

The method is based upon the One Law.  This law is evident in some form in every religion and philosophy that I have heard of.  It is called the Law of Reciprocity by some. We might know it as “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.” Or “What goes around comes around.” 

To me, what it means is that I sculpt my future through my emotions, thoughts, words and actions now.  Circumstances are my clay.  They are neutral.  My handling of them creates beauty or barrenness, abundance or lack.  High frequency emotions, thoughts and actions include those filled with love, kindness, joy and gratitude as well as others.  These will create a world of beauty and contentment.

That One Law is not swayed by our pleas, our whining, our explanations any more than gravity would be swayed.  However, it is a very willing partner.  If we wish peace, we must extend it.  If we wish contentment, we must first find it within ourselves.

I hope you will create a beautiful world for yourself. I will do the same for me.  Then together we can grow a different space – one where there is safety instead of fear. Gratitude instead of blame. Compassion instead of judgement.

I will meet you there.



Allana is Co-0wner for Casaroma Wellness Centre and Casaroma Stress Reduction Centre.

She has been sharing her love of nature, Peace and Humanity to audiences for many decades.