The goal of an Aromassage session is to help you relax, and have some healing time. We custom create and blend your personal massage oil with each session.

Aromassage can help lower the overall stress levels in your body, strengthen your immune system, give you more energy, reduce muscle pain and give your body some time just for recuperating. The combination of essential oils and gentle relaxation massage is found to be one of the best ways to deal with everyday stress.

Aromassage is a type work done by an Aromatherapist. It is a relaxing, medium to light touch type of massage. There is never any deep tissue work done in Aromassage.

Aromassage Pricing

60 minute   $60.00
90 minute   $90.00
120 minute $110.00

Face and Neck Relaxation Aromassage

This session is about 30 minutes. It is a gentle relaxing, rejuvenating time for the face. There are no machines or chemicals used. We start with a hot towel to open the pores. We use a salt or sugar scrub on the face to gently exfoliate the skin. We then use a natural cleanser, a natural toner and finally a natural moisturizer to protect the skin. With gentle touch your face and front of neck can release built up tension and toxins.

Price for Face and Neck Aromassage 

  $35.00 + tax

           30 minute session

Prices effective February 2019. Prices Subject to change without notice

Casaroma Wellness Centre
The sessions that are being offered at Casaroma Wellness Centre are for stress reduction and to help you develop a plan to help enhance your life overall. These sessions can help you to get a clearer picture of your current stress and health levels, allowing you to make some proactive changes to your life.
Each and every one of these complementary (holistic) care modalities work with you and your body to help remind your body what it feels like to be in balance and well. All of these modalities will help to bring your body back to a natural healing vibration called homeostasis, this is where the body will start to heal itself.
We, as complimentary health practitioners, do not diagnose or prescribe. You must visit your Allopathic (Medical) Doctor for that.

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