BioPulsar Aura Scan

We have had the BioPulsar Reflexograph in our practice for over a decade and have seen some amazing results with this tool, also known as the aura scan machine.

Working with the concept that everything happens in your personal energy field before it happens in your physical field is what gives this tool such amazing capabilities.

This health management tool is a great help in getting a preview of possible health conditions before your body experiences them in a physical way. The Aura scan machine also gives you a quick snapshot of your individual chakras, your general aura and the vitality level of various organs in the body.

You put your hand on a hand plate called a reflexograph and it reads the reflex points and the meridians of the hand. Those points coincide to all areas of the body. The reading is coming in through the electrical charge in your hand. If the force is strong in those areas your reading comes out well in those areas but if you are energetically weak in those areas it will show up on the charts.

In preparation for your session, it is important that you are well hydrated. You should inform your consultant if you are on any prescription or other medications because this can affect your personal readings.

With this session, you receive a picture of your current aura and an analysis of the chakras and body systems.

Appointments for the Aura Scan are required.

Session Cost