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Here at Casaroma, we offer a variety of beauty services to cater to varying needs, skin types and preferences.

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  1. Basic Aromatic Beauty Session: 60 minutes – $75.00+tax

Aromafacials can be a gentle relaxing, rejuvenating time for the face. There are no machines or chemicals used. We start with hot towels to open the pores, we use a salt or sugar scrub to gently exfoliate the skin. We then use a natural mask, cleanser, a natural toner & finally a natural moisturizer to protect the skin. With gentle touch and the right use of essential oils and natural products your face and front of your neck can release built-up tension and toxins. You feel and look great after one of these sessions. Our aromatic beauty sessions are done with one of our professional Aromatherapists. This is a relaxing time for the face and a beautiful skin restorer. Book per your location.

2. Face-to-Feet Deluxe Relaxation Session – 120 minutes $150.00 +tax

This is such a treat!

In this session we use wonderful Aromatherapy Relaxation techniques for the face and body combined with incredible Casaroma Products like Mango creams and Orange Blossom Facial toners, it is guaranteed to get your senses flowing. This amazing session starts with a Head & Neck massage followed by a relaxing / healing back massage then of course working with the getting the tension out of the arms and legs as well. Then, we go onto a luxurious nurturing facial that will naturally exfoliate and deep clean the skin but still leave you feeling like you have been in a gentle healing time. Then, this will be followed by and wonderful foot massage. Your feet will feel like they are walking on clouds after your are done, and so will the rest of you. You will be tingling with delight from Face to your Feet, as you enjoy these 2 hours of pure indulgence.

3. Purifying Green Tea Aromatic Beauty Session – 60 minutes – $75.00 +tax

Clarify your skin with this wonderfully purifying detoxing facial. We start with the first deep cleanse which is formulated with natural products. That is followed by a gentle exfoliation of the skin, this is done with natural scrubs and hot towels and feels absolutely heavenly. After that a nourishing, toning mask will be applied to the skin.  While this mask is drawing out built-up bacteria it is also drying up and exfoliating dead skin cells. Your face will feel fresh, clean and full of life. A nourishing hydrosol, natural moisturizer, eye serum and lip balm will complete this soothing treatment.  An option of a hand and foot massage will be offered during the masque stage.

4. Rose Bliss Aromatic Beauty Service – 60 minutes – $75.00+tax

For beautiful radiant skin. This facial can benefit all skin types including sensitive skin. Awaken your senses with the sweet aromatic scent of Roses. This pampering facial starts with a gentle surface cleanse to open the pores followed by a deeper cleanse the remove any excess build up. Rose Water is then applied to balance your PH level. A gentle exfoliator will then remove any dead skin followed by hot towels. A nourishing mask will be brushed onto your face and neck and left to activate for a few minutes. During this peaceful time you will have the option to have your hands or feet massaged. Hot towels will remove the mask and then a serum and moisturizer will be massaged into the face. Eye serum and lip balm will complete this beautiful facial.

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Our Practitioners

Laurena (Lyzalee)

*Available at both Alderney and Hantsport