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MerryChristmas 1
A View From My Window

A Happy You! 🙂

Happy Holidays To You! Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah! Habari Gani!  Happy Solstice! From the celebration of Brumalia in ancient Rome to the much-televised lighting of

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Gingerbread 1

Whip Up Some Christmas Cheer!

GINGERBREAD COOKIES From Skinnytaste 133 Cals 1.9 Protein 29.8 Carbs 1.7 Fats PREP TIME:20 mins COOK TIME:10 mins CHILL TIME:2 hrs TOTAL TIME:2 hrs 30 mins YIELD:24 SERVINGS COURSE: Dessert CUISINE: American These holiday gingerbread cookies have less than half of

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DiffusingWithLee 1
Safe Usage for Aromatherapy

Safe Diffusing

What can I diffuse that is safe for my pets and family? This is a really common question for us and the answer isn’t always

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