Canada Day is just around the corner..!

OH Canada, our home and native land….. What does that mean to us now?

We have had so many blows to our spirit in these last couple of years.

I believe Canadians want to be good people overall. I also believe there is hope of change.

But I also know these are not new issues that have been happening in this country as well as all other for many centuries and just because they are coming out more to the public now thanks to social media doesn’t mean we haven’t known about it forever. Let’s be honest we all turn a blind eye.

Bullying comes in many forms. Hate fuels many actions as does fear. We as people need to rise above these forms and stop forcing people to do things we want them to do against their will or their beliefs.

When will we learn that we need to honor instead of rule. Work together and learn from each other instead of trying to make everyone the same way, which of course is your way because you believe you are on the right path.

How Can we truly honor the lost children

How Can we truly honor the animals that we are currently raising in horrendous conditions

How Can we truly honor the forest we are cutting down without conscience

How Can we truly honor the water ways we are destroying in the name or forward thinking

How Can we truly honor each other even though we have different colours, different religions, different ways of life

How Can we truly honor peoples choices when it comes to the vaccines.


It all comes under the same heading. When you try to overpower someone else and their beliefs you are being a bully, whether you believe it is for the good of all or not. 

I understand trying to educate other people to what you believe to give them a better perspective, but in return you must also learn from their perspective too.This is how we all grow.


My hope for Canadians is that we truly take a moment and do some self reflection. We live in an incredible part of the world, where the land is still full of magic and will to work with us if we start to listen.

The water is still clean and fish are still alive, can we make change in our behaviours to save the waterways and the fish and other creatures we depend up on so much for our own survival? The water give us oxygen just like the forests, let alone the life the water brings to our planet.

Being sorry isn’t enough, being sorry doesn’t change tomorrows tragedy. Change is the only thing that will stop our sorrows of tomorrow.

I don’t know how you need to change or me for that matter, each day will bring new challenges and new directions to go into to, but I do know this.

For me if it starts will being loving and kind to all who walk this planet with me including, animals, bugs, plants, Mother Nature and yes humans too, then I am on the right track. Whatever happens from there will come to positive actions.

My hope for you is that you too can find love, peace and kindness for all who cross your path today and tomorrow.

With love and blessings