Refund Policy

At Casaroma we have always tried to put the customer first and, after 25 years of being in business, we have been very fortunate to have been able to satisfy most people that have dealt with us. It is our policy to contact you within 2 weeks with a survey and we ask you to fill it out and send it back to us – it does not take long and it is only a few questions, and you can email it back to us. This will help us to continually improve your shopping experience.

            Essential oils and natural products are interesting items to buy because nature does not always make things the same way. We make our blends in small batches, so our products will always slightly differ from  one item to the next depending on when you buy things or when the products were made. We do ask that you take this into account when you are buying products on an on going basis, having said that we will take full notice when a product does not meet your expectations and we will accept returns on something that is not satisfactory to you.

Online Purchases: When you receive your package, we ask you to fully inspect your parcel to make sure all of the products are exactly as you ordered them. When you are satisfied with your order being correct, we also ask that you open each product and make sure it smells like you think it should. It is very important for us to know right away if anything goes wrong with your order so we need you contact us within a week of your purchase, this allows us to fix whatever the problem is right away within our warehouse, store and product line as well.

If your item has been shipped to you and it was damaged during courier, please send us a picture of it right away that we may share with our courier partners and ensure that it does not happen again.

If you package is missing items, or has had any leakage or broken containers we need to know about it right away, please send us a picture so our shipping department can see what went wrong and where in the package it was.

All products will need to be returned to us as follows:

-Products that were mistakenly sent- we ask that you send back to us unopened

-Products that were shipped per your order – but when you opened you found the scent was not what you thought it should be, we ask that you not use any of the product and send us back the complete bottle/pack as it is.

When you contact us and let us know what is wrong with your parcel, we will decide at that time with you what we need to do to fix the issue. We will always try to satisfy our customer with a product first – having said that, there may be times when there may be a difference in opinion. At that time, we will have the product shipped back to us and we will at that time refund their money. If you have any questions, please contact our Casaroma Wellness team at or phone 1(902)684-9444

In-Store Refund policy:

If you purchase a product from our store and you are not satisfied with it, please bring the item back into our store and discuss with us why you are not happy with it. If we cannot satisfy you with an alternate product, we will issue a store credit or, if that is not possible, we will issue a store refund on the card it was originally purchased on.