Our Amazing Team

The Reason for our Success


Co-Owner of Casaroma Wellness

She is passionate about mother nature, our planet, empowering people and making sure our suppliers are the best we can find in the industry. Best for us is always starting with the morals and ethics of the companies we do business with. She has been a visionary and compassionate friend for many staff members and customers over the last 20 years. She enjoys seeing their potential and helping them on to their own path. She is also a wonderful story teller. Many of our students on Sundays continuously tell us how much they have enjoyed and now have a new love and understanding of the subjects she has just taught. She has had a steady flow of customers over the last 20 years who have seen her for biofeedback, bio pulsar, PEMF, and light therapy. She has also done aroma massage as well for many years but she will be passing those sessions over to Tina soon. Allana is always interested in her customers whether it is in the store or in her one on one sessions. We are very, very grateful and lucky to have her as part of this team.


Co-Owner of Casaroma Wellness

Lee brings a dynamic sparkle to everything she does. Reiki, Reflexology, Biofeedback, Ionic foot-baths even the occasional aromassage and facial! Teaching classes on Sundays, doing sessions on Mondays and Thursdays and dividing her time between endless admin and our busy product centre the rest of the time she still has time to do public talks and interviews as well as keep up her studies. A most amazing lady!



With a strong background in natural health and retail, Alexandra is well organized and able to handle whatever task she sees needs doing. She is just beginning her professional aromatherapy course and is currently working with the InLight far-infrared LED light session and the PEMF mat. Next for Alexandra is the cold wave laser.


Christina "Tina"

Tina is just finishing her Professional Aromatherapy course. Soon she will be able to add Aromassge and Aromatherapy facials to her available skills. She is familiar with every aspect of Casaroma and her cheerful manner and easy flexibility make her a delight to work with. She will be happy to set you up for your In Light far-infrared LED light session or your PEMF mat any time and her blending skills are amazing.



Donna is our resident stone expert. Although she loves to make product and enjoys customer service, her special gift shows when she is handling the stones, cleaning them and charging them with extra care. She works on Sundays so you can see her there if you drop in to visit in the afternoon.

holli staff picture


Holli has been working for Casaroma on and off since she was 7 years old. She would help out with health shows, do displays, do counting of stock and then eventually worked in the retail store and served customers. We are a family run business and she is the third generation. She has recently completed her Diploma in counselling and is now ready to serve clients as a Life coach. We are so happy to have Holli back in with the team. We welcome her dynamic nature, her dry but funny sense of humour and her ability to make people feel like life is going to be alright.



Karen is finishing up her 14 month course in professional aromatherapy very soon. Her quick grasp of new information and competence in its application make us wish that she could give us much more that 1 or 2 shifts a week!



Professional Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Customer Service professional. Laura had been with us for many years and then took a leave of absence to go and explore other adventures. We are all happy to welcome her back to Casaroma. She is a wonderful benefit to our team. She has a wonderful sense of spirit and knows how to be a team player. Laura is great at doing custom blends and loves to take appointments to help people discover what they need for their homes, their families and themselves.

We're hiring!

Casaroma are looking for experienced team members to join their growing team. Curious to find out more? Please find the details below:


Position:  Permanent, Full time
Starting:  As soon as possible 
Salary:  $17.00/hr  for  minimum 30hours per week
Education:  Completion of High School or equivalent requiredpost-secondary education in Business, Marketing, Communications, or related fieldpreferred
Experience:  2-3 yearsrelated experience
Language:  English (fluency in French or other languages are assets)
This position is responsible to oversee and maintain the smooth operation of the Casaroma Wellness office,sales, overseeonline platform for products sales and program delivery.
  • Oversee and co-ordinate office administrative procedures and review, evaluate and implement new procedures
  • Hire, train and supervise officesupport staff of upto 3 people, and coordinate working groups and contractors or consultants
  • Establish work priorities, delegate work to office support staff, and ensure deadlines are met and procedures are followed
  • Conduct analyses and oversee administrative operations related to budgeting, contracting and project planning and management processes
  • Assist in preparation of operating budget and maintain inventory and budgetary controls
  • Oversee customer service in retail store and online environments
  • Assemble and analyze data and prepare periodic reports, manuals and correspondence
  • Oversee and co-ordinate office administrative procedures to support operations including retail sales, bookings, events, and online offerings
  • Maintain contact database of potential clients, existing clients, suppliers, vendors, advertising, media and public relations.
  • Assist in product development and pricing strategies
  • Identify, develop and maintain relationships with suppliers of materials required for Casaroma products.  Negotiate appropriate price points for materials.
  • Conduct social media, online marketing, E-commerce and Website promotions to build brand awareness.
  • Set-up and manage on-line sales and on-line programing and the associated IT systems 
  • Prepare marketing materials, press releases, newsletters and other communications 
  • Plan and direct advertising and marketing research, strategies, plans and campaigns
  • Manage contracts for advertising and marketing strategies
  • Coordinate the production of audio and video streaming broadcasts for onlinedelivery
  • Coordinate preparation and presentation of teaching materials and outlines for Casaroma programs
  • Review and identify appropriate trade shows, festivals and events to increase Casaroma profile online and in the local and regional markets.
  • Proficient in technologies such as but not limited to Microsoft Office 365, MS Suite,  Wordpress, Bigcommerce, SEO, CRM database, Point of Sale system,on-line Bookingsystems, Inventory control software, Accounting software, Human resources software, Social Media, Website creation and management software and other systems and technologies for online service delivery, sales, andmarketing.
  • Experience with digital marketing forms such as social media marketing and content marketing
  • Proven understanding of office systems integration  and use
  • Proven ability to manage budgets and resources
  • Proven marketing campaign experience
  • Proven effective time management skills and the ability to multitask
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills; strong copywriting skills
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Attention to detail, organized, accurateclient-focusedexercise good judgement, initiative and a team player
  • Reliable, dependable, flexible
  • Knowledge of Canadian importing and exporting procedures for supplies and products;  and knowledge of Indian export & import procedures – an asset
To apply, please submit resumecoverletter with link to online portfolio of work to: casaroma@eastlink.ca
2. Team Member: Casaroma are looking for experienced in-store team members

Languages: English, French can also be beneficial in this location. Other languages always an asset.

Education:  Background in Aromatherapy is preferred

Background in natural health is preferred

Background in retail and one on one customer service is preferred.

No degree, certificate or diploma in general education is required.

Experience preferred:  At least 2 years in retail and also in natural health. We will train on specialty information of products we specialize in.

Location: Hantsport, Nova Scotia. Must live in the area or have a vehicle and be willing to travel daily even during winter weather.

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Repetitive tasks, standing for extended periods, some heavy lifting, days and weekend shifts, working in a naturally scented environment, measuring and accuracy a must,

ABOUT OUR STORES: We would hope that you would never consider applying for a job at Casaroma because it is just a job. We consider ourselves a family and that family extends itself out into our community. We have a love of helping people to be the best that they can be. As a Casaroma Team Member, you aren’t just selling products, you’re helping people find the best ways to be able to help their family, pets, loved ones and hopefully themselves. With your passion for being of service to others and our products and education, you could become a trusted associate to all of the people who walk through our doors. There are also many opportunities of growth within our growing company. We hope to inspire you to grow with us.

ABOUT OUR WORK ENVIRONMENT: In a store like ours, we need all hands on deck to ensure we are operating efficiently. In our stores most staff members are trained in and expected to do all jobs. Including:

        • Customer Service:  Which is an essential part of creating sincere connections with customers. Without customers we don’t have a business for you to work in.

  • Merchandising & Inventory: You will need to know how all of our product are made and where everything is displayed in the store to help customers find exactly what they need, and to make sure it fits their needs properly.

You will be responsible for merchandising, stocking shelves and supplies, pricing products accurately and appropriately.

ABOUT YOUR CAREER: We are a growing company. You will always have opportunities to grow in any direction we are growing. If you think you and Casaroma share the same vision, you are welcome to stay with us and grow as we do. Many of our staff members have stayed for decades.

We’ve highlighted key job responsibilities above—but the best parts of working at Casaroma is in the day-to-day moments of working with people to help them create a better life for themselves and their households.

This job has many feel-good moments filled with pride. It has moments full of laughter and joy, but this job can also have some sad moments as you discover that not all families have it easy and perhaps you can discover for yourself the incredible feeling of being able to be a part of a positive change in someone’s life.

Many people are feeling overwhelmed with the everyday life and responsibilities and perhaps you will have an opportunity to create a custom blend for them that is very helpful.

Families who are trying to settle down after supper, you can help to pick out the right diffuser blend.

The perfect bubble bath, the perfect dog shampoo, the perfect intense relief oil to help someone who has been struggling with a body that is full of stress, etc etc.

There are so many ways on a daily basis to become a positive part of society. At Casaroma we are trying to help bring a positive change,  one person at a time.

If you feel this is you, we would love to hear from you!

Please send your resume to casaroma@eastlink.ca. Please include a brief description on why you would like to work with us and what you think you could bring as a positive aspect to our company.

A copy of the  job description for the actual position will be provided to you when you are hired.

Casaroma is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, disability, as well as any other characteristic protected by federal, provincial or local law