Casaroma's Mandate

By Lyzalee Downie

Casaroma’s mandate is to provide our valued clients with the purest of Essential oils from around the world and to create high quality, affordable everyday products that will have an impact on your life.

Over the past 20 years, Casaroma Wellness Centre has developed an amazing place all on a level of its own. The people that it attracts are always so varied. All ages and genders, single, families, corporate-minded, or living off the land most people who are trying to find a way to make themselves healthier, and more happy and relaxed find their way to us. If you find you are on this path you will somehow find your way to our store or visit us online for sure.

At Casaroma Wellness Centre our strength and part of our uniqueness is that we love developing custom blends and from those blends, we have seen some amazing results.

We have also had the pleasure of offering classes about Aromatherapy, Reiki, Subtle Aromatherapy, and coming soon we will be bringing back our Living with intent class and Living fully in the second half of life (at this time online versions only).

Over the last 20 years of offering Classes we have seen such a variety of people, some of them have even come to work for us. Some have made lasting friendships with other classmates as well. We are so very lucky to be a part of this growing lifestyle of health, wisdom, peace, and contentment.

We are very fortunate to have an amazing Research and Development department which we are proud to say that Allana is still the head of. They bring us the most remarkable essential oils and other products from around the world.

** An important note for people to know is that we search out top quality oils ***

We are dealing with plants grown from all over the world; some places have better resources than others do. Our goal is to do no harm to the planet, the people doing the processing of the plant or our clients. So we try to search out ethically sourced, ethically grown, ethically distilled where it is available but we always make sure all of our essential oils are tested for their purity, including traces of impurities, like pesticides. We carry over 80 different essential oils and are constantly expanding our selection of essential oils.

Our goal is also to keep our products including our essential oils as affordable as possible. Anyone can sell a high priced essential oil and frankly, it would be better for our profit line if we did but it is our goal to make a difference in everyone’s life with healthy clean products and oils rather than just a few people who could pretty bottles or name brand.

Creating custom blends are part of our passion. When we see little Johnny going to sleep without the fears he’s been having for years or little Suzie being able to go to school carefree it means something to us. We love hearing stories of how our blends helped to give someone new strength to face a day or help with a problem in their life.

We create all kinds of custom products for your children, your pets, your household, your work environment, your car, your mate and yourself. Come in and do an aromatherapy consultation with us. Let us know what your concerns are within your life and we will try to make you a blend to ease your cares away.

If you don’t want to get too personal try some of our amazing products off the shelf we have over 300 different ones ranging in category from Children’s, Pets, Haircare, Creams and Moisturizers, Household, Body balance, and easing, Men’s, Women’s, Romance, Relaxation, etc. etc. We really can help you with many of your everyday product needs. Our products are great quality, great price and made with the highest of integrity and intentions.

Just to be clear about what we do…..

At no time do we Diagnose or Prescribe you need to go to your allopathic or Naturopathic Doctor for that. Our website and physical locations are geared to help give you some general information to help you make an informed decision about how to use essential oils, aromatherapy as a modality, how to use different energy modalities in general and what they can do and should not do for your personal life path. Our product line is our own made from our own recipes.

On this website we will be constantly updating our information pages, blogs and videos with knowledge of the healing properties of essential oils and proper application of synergies (two or more essential oils blended together) and how to effectively work with them so they make a difference in your life. We hope to help you gain knowledge of essential oils and some of our other related products and resources. Our hope is to design our site as a reference and referral guide to provide you with practical and timely information.

The first questions that we hope to answer with you are the important task of determining the purity and quality of essential oils. Today, thanks to social media there is so much information available and the number of companies out there wanting to sell you their oils has grown as well, all of these companies have great marketing departments trying to find ways to make you believe they have the best product for you to buy. It is definitely buyers beware market now and it does require that you ask the right questions of your potential suppliers. No one company has the best oils in the world, they can’t, unless they own the whole world essential oils are a natural product, Mother Nature creates a different crop every year and grows things in many different places, having said that there are many companies that have great quality oils. Don’t just read the marketing pages, ask questions and use common sense when listening for the answers. Build trust and a rapport with the company you deal with. Not all people who sell essential oils are trained aromatherapists; some don’t have the safety information that will help keep you safe in the long run. Ask questions at home parties or yoga studio or acupuncture clinics, How to use it safely is really important. Not all information they tell you may have your best interests in mind. In Aromatherapy, follow the general rules for safe usage.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call or email us, we are always trying to make sure we are available to address your issues and concerns.

Just remember…..There are all kinds of ways to help yourself that are easy on the budget, healthy on the body and warming to the spirit.

“Over the last 20 years of offering Classes we have seen such a variety of people, some of them have even come to work for us. Some have made lasting friendships with other classmates as well. We are so very lucky to be a part of this growing lifestyle of health, wisdom, peace, and contentment.​”