Casaroma Wellness Centre has developed an amazing place on a level of its own. The quality of people that it attracts is always so mind-blowing. We have every age group coming in, men and women it just doesn’t matter who you are. If you are on this path you will come into the store or visit us online.

At Casaroma Wellness Centre we love developing custom blends and see some amazing results. Our Aromatherapy Classes bring in such a variety of people, some of them become lasting friendships, with classmates, as well as with each of us. We are so very lucky to be a part of this growing lifestyle of health, wisdom, peace and contentment.

We are very fortunate to have an amazing Research and Development department who can bring us the most remarkable essential oils from around the world. All of our essential oils are tested for their purity, including traces of impurities, like pesticides. We carry over 80 different essential oils and are constantly expanding our selection of essential oils.

We can also create many custom products for you on the spot. Our standard stock items include; first aid spray, velvet hand cream, sleepy time for children, shampoo and conditioners, insect repellent, facial products, shower gels, deodorants and bubble baths and so many more.

At Casaroma, we offer classes about Aromatherapy, Living with Intent, Reiki, Subtle Aromatherapy, Mandellas, and Living fully in the second half of life. In addition, we have a team of experienced Natural Healers on staff.

Casaroma’s mandate is to provide our valued clients with the purest of products from around the world.

Similar to other healing modalities; accurate analysis of symptoms, knowledge of the healing properties of essential oils and proper application of the synergies are keys to effective treatment. To help you gain knowledge of essential oils and other related products and resources, we have designed our site as a reference and referral guide to provide you with practical and timely information.

The important task of determining the purity and quality of not just essential oils requires that you ask the right questions of potential suppliers, demand answers and build a rapport with them. Trust is a major issue.

We are available to address your issues and concerns. There are all kinds of ways to help yourself that are easy on the budget and warming to the spirit.

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