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Our aromatherapy classes are fun, small, one on one classes, you will learn about the different essential oils, blending essential oils and carriers to create products for you, your home and family dog. Using the amazing essential oils in aromatherapy along with the most current up to date information about aromatherapy.

Our aromatherapy classes can be just for you and your home, loved ones in your family. Our aromatherapy classes can also launch you into a career in aromatherapy.

Come join us today in one of our Aromatherapy Classes!

Aromatherapy Classes:

Level 1: Introduction to Aromatherapy (Cost $50.00)

Level 2: Aromatherapy and the Skin (Cost $50.00)

Level 3: Aromatherapy and Our Emotions (Cost $50.00)

Level 4: Aromatherapy Blending (How aromatherapy can help you make your own household cleaning products (Cost $50.00) 

Level 5: Aromatherapy for aromatherapy for special needs and blending for perfumery (Cost $50.00)

Level 6: This class covers Aromatherapy and children, pets, pregnancy dangerous oils, chemistry and hydrosols. (Cost $50.00)

Subtle Energy

Introduction to Subtle Energy (Cost $50.00) 

Subtle Energy Advanced  (Cost $50.00) 


Reiki Classes

Introduction to Reiki   (Cost $50.00)

Reiki Level 1 (Cost $220.00)

Reiki Level 2 (Cost $300.00) 

Reiki Level 3 (Cost $395.00)

Reiki Teacher

Professional Aromatherapy

Introduction class for our long-term Aromatherapy Class:

Long-term Class 10:30 am – 4:00 pm

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