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Class at Alderney Landing

April 16, 2023 – 1.30pm – 4.30 pm

(Right after the Level 3 Aromatherapy class ending at 1.00 pm)

Class at Hantsport

To be announced.

3 hours            $50.00 plus taxes

When in doubt about the next step, remember to put one foot ahead of the other – and, Just Breathe!

Certain actions are on so much of ‘auto pilot’ that they take place without us even thinking about them! Take breathing, for example – while we all know to “breathe deeply” when we are stressed or realize the ‘shortness’ of breath while working out, how many times do we actually think about the very process of breathing in, breathing out? Hardly. And yet, its one of our most vital body functions. Who doesn’t know the pressure of holding their breath! 

The respiratory system primarily consists of our nose, airways and lungs – and then some. While sages and yogis have been teaching us about controlling our breath for centuries, Nature also offers us a few ways to help us overcome our respiratory issues. As vital to life as it is to breathe, it is not a big challenge to keep the respiratory system healthy and clean. Come check out how aromatherapy, nutrition and lifestyle can all contribute to breathing easy. 

Now in-person classes starting at our Hantsport location too! Contact us TODAY to inquire or book a spot!