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Over the past 25 years, we have had the privilege of meeting so many new people through the classes we have offered. There have been such a variety of people who have come through our doors. Stay-at-home moms, MLM representatives, Massage therapists, Estheticians, Corporate executives, Teachers, the Military, people in the service industry, you name it people from every walk of life are interested in learning how to make themselves happier, healthier and less stressed. Some of them have even come to work for us to learn more and to learn how to be more of service to their planet and fellow human. Many have made lasting friendships with other classmates as well. We have always considered ourselves to be very lucky to be a part of this growing lifestyle of health, wisdom, peace, and contentment.

Over the years we have offered many different kinds of courses but they have always related to learning about a more spiritual lifestyle and how aromatherapy if used safely could impact your life for the better. We taught many different classes on Aromatherapy like Subtle Aromatherapy which was a combination of energy work and essential oils, as well as Reiki all different levels, and our very popular Living with intent classes, and Living fully in the second half of life. We have now added Nutrition components because Lyzalee has received her diploma in Holistic nutrition and is now a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner. We change it up quite often so that courses are running at different times but whatever class you take it is usually thought-provoking, educating and entertaining. It is good to look at life from a larger perspective. It is also good to find things to help with a lot of the fear that is being pushed on us these days. We try to help give people hope for their everyday lives and try to help them create a plan that will bring them joy and contentment in their own lives. We are all about teaching you the skills to become empowered and hopeful. If you think any of these topics might be of interest take a look at our website to see what classes we will be offering in the new year.

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Hantsport Location:49 Main Street, Hantsport, Nova Scotia B0P 1P0 

Phone: 902-684-9444

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Phone: (902) 464-2272

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