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Casaroma Wellness - Corporate Information

We do wholesale, no minimums, no preset lines to purchase, you buy what you want and what your customers are asking for, we offer Shelf ready and customizable naturally based aromatherapy household and personal products.

Casaroma Wellness Main Office

49 Main St

Hantsport, N.S. Canada

B0P 1P0



Casaroma Wellness Centre                                                                     Casaroma Stress Reduction Centre          

2 Ochterloney St                                                                                        49 Main St.

Dartmouth N.S. Canada                                                                          Hantsport N.S. Canada

B2Y 4W1                                                                                                       B0P 1P0

1-902 464 2272                                                                                          1-902 684 9444


“Everyone has their own set of challenges. We can help with some of those!”


Welcome to Casaroma!

Allana Downie

Laurena (Lyzalee) Downie

We specialize in creating household and personal care products with an emphasis on Clinical Aromatherapy. We specialize in custom blending. Over the last 25 years we have served thousands of clients and created custom blends to help them. From all of those blends we now have over 300 formulas that we create regularly for the public. All of these recipes were once created to solve a customer issues and worked very well for them and now many others are benefiting from those recipes as well. Our current product catalogue has over three hundred products with many sizes and bases to choose from.

Founded in 1997 by Allana Downie & Lyzalee Fisher, Casaroma Wellness has come a long way from its beginnings with a Saturday market table at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia but our passion to make a difference to people using good quality essential oils and natural products is unchanged.


Behavioral competencies are key to the business partnership role—a “seat at the table” must be earned. Any member of a Management team needs to be a visible leader in our business, an excellent communicator, and an influencer. Curiosity is an attribute often highlighted as a required skill— if you are curious about something, ask!

We are going through a huge amount of changes in our company. Our goal is to grow in a way that is beneficial to our customers and staff while holding a high standard in quality, ethics, and integrity.

As a result of the new laws and expectations from government agencies, we have found the need to make some formal positions for Allana and Lyza

We are going to give you a quick breakdown of what we are doing and who is doing what job now.

Laurena (Lyzalee) Downie

Lyza-Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, and Chief Operating Officer or COO-

Lyza is responsible for the overall direction of the company. She has the employees’ ear and continues to lead, giving them direction and motivation with a positive attitude and helpful spirit.

Lyza’s primary duties include managing the overall resources and operations of our company, making major corporate decisions, and acting as the interface for our partners, employees, and the public.

As of now, she is responsible for the following departments:

  • Human Relations- Dealing with all staff, managing recruitment, selection and hiring, leave, absence from work, salaries, scheduling and roster, daily to-do lists, Compliance issues, grievances, etc.
  • Advertising– Working with external agencies to explore marketing & advertising options, media planning, corporate news, budgeting, planning & execution of advertising related issues, strategizing, etc. Please forward all queries to
  • Donations- The primary contact for donation and related queries
  • Online Presence- Responsible for the overall look and direction of the website, working with the tech crew and getting feedback.
  • Strategy & Development– Responsible for bringing in new services or suspending the not so popular ones.

Lyza will still be practicing nutrition, skin services, biofeedback, reiki etc and will still be making products like soap and deodorant, besides continuing her teaching sessions with Allana.

Allana- Chief Financial Officer, or CFO – Allana is now and always will be a true business partner to the CEO, she will help guide and influence decision making using the financial context as an integral driver of all choices. Allana’s job is to drive the direction and success of the CEO. Given the ever-changing environment we operate in, it is her position that monitors and ensures the consistency of the company’s integrity and ethics. Allana will continue to lead and monitor the financial team with books, records, and financial reporting but will also delegate more of this position as is required. Allana is the authorized person for all purchases for the company.

Additionally, Allana is also responsible for:

  • Education- Creating the content for all future classes, creating and managing the team for all information content for both essential oils and products; leading educational offerings on both products and trends.
  • Research and Development- Leading the R& D division, including product research and supplier research, market trend analysis, aromatherapy, and other subjects related to the business, research new formulations for upcoming product lines.

Allana will still be practicing- Biofeedback, laser, aura scan, consultations, etc, in addition to continue to co-create and teach all classes.

Allana Downie

Holli Gray

Holli is the third generation of Casaroma Wellness team, she has grown up in the business literally all of her life. She has come and gone several times as she sowed her own oats, so to speak, by getting her diploma in counselling, and a license in Hair styling and hair health. She brings those specialties back with her to Casaroma as she comes back in to the Casaroma family full time once again. Holli will be growing her place in this business as she learns how to manage and run the business from the ground up. We are proud to say she is part of our team and we are grateful that she will be taking some of the lead roles in our business to help Allana and Lyza grow on other paths to grow our business further.

Holli is responsible for:

  • Payroll Coordinator and administrator – Collecting employment data (regular hours worked and treatment hours) for staff and subcontractors and sharing this information with Accounts to process payments; Maintaining weekly reports on the same
  • Marketing Director – Responsible for creating and supervising shop displays; creating weekly promos and POS product displays; creating standard up to code audiovisual presentations for in-store customer viewing; ensuring proper in-store video and music output in the retail section; ensuring adequate and updated giftware for distribution at all store locations
  • Social Media Designer & Online customer relations support– Creating weekly posts for the two Facebook pages and Instagram in accordance with the in-store promo displays; complete online customer engagement; updating of weekly team strategy and game plan on Facebook
  • Mental Health Practitioner & Retail Sales Associate– Mental Health Coach (personalised service); Practitioner for Laser treatment; weekly in-store retail associate to understand customer needs and wishes; highlight product / production issues to management team, etc

Capability Statement

Create a New Unique Avenue to serve your customers!

Expand your sales with High quality, aromatherapy based natural products, that are Customizable. Give your customers what THEY want.

*Increase your clientele with a wide variety of naturally based products.

*Build customer satisfaction, give customers products they truly WANT to use to thrive naturally.


*Customer service help available with a live person,


*Choose from over 300 everyday and household products

*Fulfill your customer wish lists, we can customize products for your clients

*Top quality products, good markups and still affordable for your customer

*We ship anywhere in North America and specialize in servicing the needs of smaller communities                                                                                                                 


Our lines include


Over 100 top grade essential oils                                                                                                                        Wide variety of Skin line products

Physical ache soothers                                                                                                                                          Seasonal Complaints

Emotional soothers                                                                                                                                                 Personal Scenters

Diffuser Blends                                                                                                                                                        Bath & Beauty

Hair Care                                                                                                                                                                   Foot Care

Children                                                                                                                                                                     Creams


We are members in good standing with 

Our customers say: “I have been a wholesale client for years, love being a part of the Casaroma Team. They answer my questions and create any products my customers ask for”.  Tree Planters in British Columbia use our outdoor spray to help stop insects around them.

Serving Customers for over 25 years 

Contact: Lyza –, Website: 

49 Main Street, Hantsport Nova Scotia B0P 1P0,

Phone 1-902-684-9444