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Learn how to become friends “AGAIN” with the body you have today

There are so many different kinds of gyms out there or At Home videos today but so many of them are for people who are already in some kind of good physical form. We, here at Casaroma, see so many people who would never want to do those kinds of workouts or maybe their physical bodies would never be able to go that fast, that hard, or that much. We wanted to be able to offer something that would be life changing to those people who have physical limitations. Things like bending over to put your socks on, kneeling down and getting up, going up stairs etc etc. We have thought this was a great idea for a long time but we needed the right person to be able to offer it out to the public. We have found that right person with Tanya. She is kind and non judgemental. She loves to work with the body and the mechanics of it all. She is not interested in making you do workouts she is interested in teaching you how to get more flexibility and capable everyday movement back into your life. Take a moment to think about how this will be helpful to you and book an appointment with her to see if she is the one who can help to give you back the freedom and security with your body again.



Here is Tanya’s biography

Tanya is a lifetime lover of fitness and all things health related. She holds a current license with the Nova Scotia fitness association and has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years doing everything from Aqua Aerobics, to group athletic training, personal training, strength and conditioning, Crossfit and yoga. Her passion lies in making fitness accessible and fun for all. Improving people’s quality of life and bringing positivity is what she aspires to do with her program design.

In her spare time, Tanya enjoys being with her loved ones, spending time at the beach with her best four-legged friend Abe, painting, writing and reading, practicing yoga and self-care, nature and bike riding and most recently learning about photography.

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