Essential Oil Data Sheets

Everything you need to know about Casaroma’s Essential Oils

Essential oils are made from the aromatic essences of various plants.
True essential oils are extracted by steam distillation. However other
methods of extraction also yield aromatic material. Absolutes are
extracted through chemical processes while citrus essences are
simply extracted through pressure on the skin of the fruit. Carbon
dioxide extraction is another method of obtaining a plant’s aromatic
material. The method of extraction used depends on the plant that is
providing the essence.

Data Sheets

“Your health & safety is something Casaroma would never compromise on. In order to make sure that we stay in touch with the health regulations, we keep updating our knowledge base. Our data sheets are undergoing an update and so may not be available temporarily. We are reworking those to ensure we stay compliant with Health Canada. Watch this space, we’ll be right back!”

Please find below the different safety sheets for each of our essential oils, conveniently arranged in alphabetical order:

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