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Rejuvenate yourself with Eternale Microcurrent Technology!

Our Eternale Lift Treatment focuses on anti-ageing and skin improvements on the Face and Neck areas, while our Eterna Spa Treatment works on the whole body.


The Eternale treatment consists of three main healing components: 

An advanced micro-current device that calibrates itself to suit the client’s specific needs, and then delivers subtle electrical currents into the body of the user, through bands that are placed on the wrists, ankles and head. The microcurrents deeply relax, relieve muscle tension and re-train unhealthy patterns of holding stress throughout the face and body. 

Lovely orchestrated music (played through headphones) using Solfeggio Tones that are geared towards relaxation and meditation.



Simple yet highly effective source of relaxation.  



Eternale can help even out skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and any unwanted spots.


Guided meditations and visualizations with audio relaxation exercises for self-empowerment and stress relief 

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