Eternale Rejuvenation System

Eternale Rejuvenation System combines the benefits of deep relaxation through guided meditation and effective visualisations – with an advanced micro-current technology – that delivers subtle electrical currents into the body, through bands that are placed on the wrists, ankles and head.


It has been said that you can’t put an old head onto young shoulders…

But, what if the reverse was true..?

At Casaroma Wellness Centre you have the unique opportunity to see for yourself, that is, to see what it would be like to dip yourself into the fountain of youth.  And while this may be a Big Claim (and it is) – for a true fountain of youth is still just a mythical ‘beast’, as it were – with the Eternale Rejuvenation System you can at least feel like you have taken an actual step towards that very impossible possibility.

Imagine not only the possibility of turning back the clock on ageing but of being able to set those ‘clock’ hands in motion all on your own.

Imagine being able to talk openly with every one of your trillion of cells, at once, thanking them for their continued dedication to your health and well being, and simply encouraging them, all those beautiful cell ‘selves’ to keep up the good work.

Imagine letting your mind, body and spirit become infused with the purest vibrations of healing light, energizing colours, and calming musical tones so that you can finally recognize what true peace and contentment feel like.

With Eternale Rejuvenation System, you don’t even need to do all the ‘imagining’ for all you have to do is rest, relax and let yourself be at one with a deeply nurturing guided meditation that simply wants to remind you of who you are, beyond the stress and stressors that have taken over your everyday life.

Simply, Eternale Rejuvenation System combines the benefits of deep relaxation through guided meditation and effective visualizations with an advanced micro-current technology that delivers subtle electrical currents into the body through bands that are placed on the wrists, ankles and head.  These micro-currents can mimic the body’s own natural currents and, in doing so, can speed up, and boost, the body’s natural healing capabilities.

So what does this all mean to you – it means the gentle release of muscle tensions that have been only holding your body, including head and face, too tight, for too long.

And, so without those tensions only tightening up the delicate features to your beautiful face, the only question left to answer is – what do those nagging wrinkles have left to cling to?  Nothing.

Isn’t it time to let Eternale Rejuvenation System put a ‘younger’ head onto your somewhat older, but definitely wiser shoulders?


Stress Relief

You are attached to the machine via Velcro straps on the wrists, ankles and forehead through these attachments subtle, almost imperceptible micro-current vibrations deeply relax the user.


Guided Visualization

You will be guided through visualizations and audio relaxation exercises that help create innate thoughts of positive self-esteem, stress relief, weight management and much more.


Relaxation Through Music

You will hear carefully orchestrated musical compositions with the Solfeggio Tones which deeply support
meditation and relaxation.




What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

  • positive review  everything about it is great

    Josh Tash Mckay Avatar Josh Tash Mckay
    November 3, 2020
  • positive review  100%pure essential oils, all handmade products most of which can be customised to suit you - and they have products for every age group, as well as for pets. And they offer services also which help you lead a better, healthier and wholesome life! all this delivered professionally, with happiness and hooked to Casaroma!!

    Meenakshi Nangia Avatar Meenakshi Nangia
    October 9, 2020
  • positive review  Their products are excellent. I recently purchased Genersl Outdoor Spray with Geranium. It smells nice and it keeps the bugs away. Their outdoor spray for children works too. I sprayed it on my grandchildren and they said "That smells good! Better than Dad's." Thank you! Casaroma team.

    Linda Alderdice Avatar Linda Alderdice
    June 14, 2020
  • positive review  Casaroma is not just a wellness center, Casaroma is a home away from home. I discovered Casaroma in November, 2019 and it has completely changed my life, from my mind and body, to overall well being. November of 2019, I didn't only discover Casaroma, I discovered another family. The most positive, kind-hearted humans i have ever met. The bio-feedback was my first discovery with them and let me tell you, it is completely life changing and then i discovered the brain tap and lights, now that too changed my life. In January of 2020, i found reiki, I am now (almost a certified level one reiki practitioner.) Since stepping into Casaroma for the first time, i am now a completely different person, my mental health is now stable for the first time, I am now on a journey i never thought i was able to discover, with thanks to everyone at casaroma, this would have never of been possible. If this pandemic was happening in October of 2019, i would not be this calm during this different time of our lives. i could not express my love for everyone at Casaroma and all the amazing things they share with us and help us with every single day. I was exhausted, mentally and physically, i tried so many different options throughout my life trying to find something that would heal me and Casaroma fell into my lap and gave me that. I still have a long amazing journey ahead of me and i can not wait for this pandemic to be over so i can return to Casaroma and see my family, once again. Thank you to the team at Casaroma for treating me with nothing but love and compassion and never giving up. I love you all and hope you're staying safe through this different time in our lives. Let the healing continue <3

    Caleigh Lunn Avatar Caleigh Lunn
    April 13, 2020
  • positive review  I can't say enough great things about the staff and their products at Casaroma. I've been shopping there for 5-6 years and their essential oils are the only ones I will use. I'm really sensitive to chemicals and certain oils even so it's imperative I know exactly what ingredients I'm putting on my skin. Right now I'm even more thankful for their friendly, kind and caring customer service (even via email and online ordering) as there's a number of essential oils I've come to associate with calm, peaceful moments which are comforting for me now. If you want to keep your spending local, and you enjoy essential oils, Casaroma is the place to go!

    Vicky Jaggard Avatar Vicky Jaggard
    April 6, 2020
  • positive review  I love the products at Casaroma ~ my go to products are the peppermint foot soak, a variety of the bath salts and the bubble baths and shower gels. I love that the products are local and contain natural ingredients. I never end up with allergic reactions or issues due to the scents. The staff in the store are friendly and helpful & the prices are affordable.

    Lisa Benson Avatar Lisa Benson
    February 9, 2020
  • positive review  great prices staff a very knowledgeable great selection

    Alli Rangeley Avatar Alli Rangeley
    January 27, 2020
  • positive review  I found Casaroma truly helped with my cold/flu symptoms. Especially when I am aty worst; I love it when my mother comes home with holistic products that will help me with different ailments. 😊😁

    Alexandra Smiley Avatar Alexandra Smiley
    October 3, 2019
  • positive review  best place for healing and wellness.

    Norma Harding Avatar Norma Harding
    July 6, 2019
  • positive review  Such a great experience!! The aura scan and biofeedback as well as the light and magnetic bed are all amazing and offer insight into your health with technology that our healthcare system has yet to embrace. Alana and the staff are super and the services are great especially if you want to empower yourself to feel better

    Lisa Lomond Avatar Lisa Lomond
    April 15, 2019