Eternale Rejuvenation System

It has been said that you can’t put an old head onto young shoulders (and, if you think back to when you were younger – when you thought you knew it all, like all of us did, you’d know what I mean, and just might agree).

But, what if the reverse was true, what if you could put a new head onto those somewhat older shoulders of yours right now, especially with all these life lessons, and wisdom, that you now know, would you?

At Casaroma Wellness Centre you have the unique opportunity to see for yourself, that is, to see what it would be like to dip yourself into the fountain of youth.  And while this may be a Big Claim – and it is – for a true fountain of youth is still just a mythical ‘beast’, as it were, at least with the Eternale Rejuvenation System you can at least feel like you have taken an actual step towards that very impossible possibility.

Imagine not only the possibility of turning back the clock on ageing but of being able to set those ‘clock’ hands in motion all on your own.

Imagine being able to talk openly with every one of your trillion of cells, at once, thanking them for their continued dedication to your health and well being, and simply encouraging them, all those beautiful cell ‘selves’ to keep up the good work.

Imagine letting your mind, body and spirit become infused with the purest vibrations of healing light, energising colours, and calming musical tones so that you can finally recognise what true peace and contentment feel like.

With Eternale Rejuvenation System you don’t even need to do all the ‘imagining’ for all you have to do is rest, relax and let yourself be at one with a deeply nurturing guided meditation that simply wants to remind you of who you are, beyond the stress and stressors that have taken over your everyday life.

Simply, Eternale Rejuvenation System combines the benefits of deep relaxation through guided meditation and effective visualisations with an advanced micro-current technology that delivers subtle electrical currents into the body through bands that are placed on the wrists, ankles and head.  These micro-currents can mimic the body’s own natural currents and, in doing so, can speed up, and boost, the body’s natural healing capabilities.

And so, what does this all mean to you – it means the gentle release of muscle tensions that have been only holding your body, including head and face, too tight, for too long.

And, so without those tensions only tightening up the delicate features to your beautiful face, the only question left to answer is – what do those nagging wrinkles have left to cling to?  Nothing.

Isn’t it time to let Eternale Rejuvenation System put a ‘younger’ head onto your somewhat older, but definitely wiser shoulders?


Casaroma Wellness Centre
The sessions that are being offered at Casaroma Wellness Centre are for stress reduction and to help you develop a plan to help enhance your life overall. These sessions can help you to get a clearer picture of your current stress and health levels, allowing you to make some proactive changes to your life.
Each and every one of these complementary (holistic) care modalities work with you and your body to help remind your body what it feels like to be in balance and well. All of these modalities will help to bring your body back to a natural healing vibration called homeostasis, this is where the body will start to heal itself.
We, as complimentary health practitioners, do not diagnose or prescribe. You must visit your Allopathic (Medical) Doctor for that.