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The cold wave laser helps to rejuvenate the cells by gently giving energy in the form of photons. The laser is placed directly on your body in the area that needs the help. It increases the energy of the cells, which in turn stimulates cells to grow more efficiently in the direction of health. We can combine this with aromatherapy and soft music and create a relaxing gentle atmosphere during your session.  You remain fully clothed.


15 min – $20.00+tax  30 min – $40.00+tax

Cold Wave Laser with Basic Aromafacial

Please arrive at this appointment makeup-free if you can. In this service, you have a nice relaxing natural facial with natural cleansers, hot towels, toners and serums but you also get the laser probe directly placed onto your troubled spots.

In this service, you can focus on:

  • Scarring
  • Wrinkles
  • Crows Feet
  • Sagging skin
  • Fat cells
  • Rosacea
60 Minutes- $75.00+tax

Discomfort Relief

The laser can be placed on the body in the area that is currently not functioning at 100% and the laser can help to fill those cells with more productive ingredients to help you function at a better capacity.


FDA Approved

Our Cold Wave Laser has been cleared by the FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration)  for pain, inflammation and stress reduction.


Cell Regeneration

Our laser device may be placed anywhere on the body and left there for several minutes, during that time it is increasing the energetic flow of the cell which in turn stimulates those cells to grow more effectively in a healthier way.



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