Introduction to Aromatherapy and your Immune System

Introduction to Aromatherapy and your Immune System

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This class is approx 3 hours long although we often run a little over. This class will be recorded. In this class you will learn

Definition of aromatherapy

            What it is (actual)

            What it isn’t (legals)


Use of plants, Use of herbs, Use of extracts, Use of oils for healing, Use of oils for cosmetics

Where oils come from

            Where and Why

Parts of the plant

How aromatic materials are extracted



            Expression  (Essences)

            Distillation  (Essential oils)

            CO2 Extraction (Select and complete)

About Essential Oils

How to buy

How to store

How they enter the body

How to use safely

We will look at the following oils

Cinnamon- Eucalyptus – Lemon – Lime – Oregano  – Peppermint – Roman Chamomile

& Tea tree

We will take a beginners look at The Immune System

            A focus on the immune system

            What it is

            How it works

            What weakens it

            What strengthens it

Immune Boosting and how that can help you

Cleaning your environment

            Oils     Oregano – Tea Tree – Cinnamon

Strengthening the immune system




Creating your product

We will create a product together to help the immune system do its job – either a cleaning product or a room spray.

A kit is available for purchase for $50.  It contains the following:

5 ml cinnamon tincture

5 ml dispersant 

5 ml cleaner

60 ml Spray bottle

2 Pippettes

2 ml bottles of the following Essential

oils: Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lime, Oregano, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile & Tea tree 

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