Our Amazing Team

The Reason for our Success

Lee and Allana have had Casaroma Wellness for over 24 years and have loved every minute of it. Aromatherapy and essential oils were not a well-known field in the 1990’s when they started their business, so they took on the job of educating the public about essential oils and safe practices – and continue to do so in these days. With their store in Alderney landing, Dartmouth (since 1996), they have recently added another location in Hantsport, Nova Scotia. Casaroma also have a huge connection store out in Gibsons B.C where Lee’s Brother Peter (He is also Allana’s son) lives. We are very proud of this family business, very proud that we can offer services and products right across the country.


Co-Owner of Casaroma Wellness

Allana has enjoyed many adventures and locales across Canada, from the corporate world of Toronto and Montreal to homesteading in B.C. But through it all runs a passion for natural healing and energy work.  It is this very passion which led her to create Casaroma Wellness, more than two decades back.

Whether working in the field of attunement, reiki, biofeedback or formulating and creating products for Casaroma, she fills her moments with the energy of serenity and Love. Mother of two strong healers and grandmother of two admirable young adults, she is now living near the Hantsport shop in Nova Scotia and looking forward to each new day.


Co-Owner of Casaroma Wellness

Laurena (Lyzalee)  is passionate about Orthomolecular nutrition. She has her diploma in Nutrition; and is also an Aromatherapist, biofeedback technician, Reiki Master, Public Speaker & Reflexologist.

She has grown children all of whom she is very, very proud of. She still considers her role in their lives to be one of incredible importance – to be there for guidance – and is grateful they are still close.

She happily lives with her husband and 2 dogs on a beautiful piece of heaven, where they love to relax, entertain and grow their own foods.


Energy Specialist and Researcher

Peter has been with Casaroma Wellness since the very beginning. We are all family.  He is Allana’s son and Lyza’s brother. Allana and Lyza may have been on the front lines on the Nova Scotia side but Peter has always been right there researching and educating us on unique pieces of health equipment.

As a young child, Peter watched with amazement as his mother mixed things like wheat germ, lecithin, yogurt and an astonishing array of ingredients into healthy shakes for her children. This led to an unyielding curiosity for Peter, of what makes people healthy, and of course what makes them ill. Peter started his own health career training clients in the weight room of the local YMCA, and in 1990 found an incredible practice called “ The Silva Method“ which unlocked more of his potential to understand and help others. He has taken 4 levels of Silva training and uses the methods daily. He has been a practitioner for more than 15 years specializing in Quantum Biofeedback, Eternale Rejuvenation therapy, PEMF Therapy and is also a Certified Light Therapist, using a blend of LED, and Laser light to help his clients. He opened up his own clinic over 4 years ago in Gibsons, British Columbia, which is not far from where he lives.

We all love both Coasts and look forward to spending time together on both coasts sometime soon.


Holli has been working for Casaroma on and off since she was 7 years old. She would help out with health shows, do displays, do counting of stock and then eventually worked in the retail store and served customers. We are a family-run business and she is the third generation. Having recently completed her Diploma in counselling, she is now ready to serve clients as a Life coach.

She has been actively engaged with the mental health industry for about 3 years now – and is also a registered hair stylist, which happens to be her other passion. She will be undertaking hair health consultations as well. We are so happy to have Holli back with us in the team. We welcome her dynamic nature, her dry but funny sense of humour and her ability to make people feel like life is going to be alright.




Linda has been working in the massage therapy industry for over 20 years and is a member of the Massage Therapist Association of Nova Scotia. She began her career as a registered massage therapist and has gradually added a number of different modalities to her repertoire. Some of these include reflexology, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu and chakra balancing. Her massage style is an eclectic blend of myofascial release, general Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and chakra balancing. Linda enjoys helping people improve their overall health and is particularly passionate about helping people de-stress in these uncertain times.

Linda has lived in the Annapolis Valley for the majority of her life, has come to really appreciate its innate and abundant beauty, and is proud to call this her home