Designed for stress reduction and relaxation using Aromatherapy and a relaxing massage.

Aromatherapy Consultation Services

Meet one on one and work with a certified Aromatherapist to use Aromatherapy to aid with your health

Biofeedback Session

Stressed reduction and relaxing using World renown Biofeedback Technology.

BioPulsar Aura Scan

Snapshots of your energy field, which gives a picture of your aura, balances your chakras, and 49 energetic points in the physical body.


Cold Wave Laser

The technology know as cold wave laser helps to rejuvenate the cells by gently giving energy in the form of photons.

The iMRS - Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Mat

The iMRS - Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Mat is LICENSED as a Medical Device by Health Canada


This session is working totally with the feet to help enhance the well being of the client. Using a series of movements and pressure on the feet we can help to stimulate different parts of the body and help bring the body back into its natural state of health.


A gentle, non invasive way of reviving the chakras and bringing the body's energy field into alignment.

Light Therapy

The light gently penetrates deep into the cells of the body and rejuvenates you from the inside out, As you slowly melt away into a state of relaxation.

Eternale Rejuvenation

Unwind with a guided mediation to help relax, de-stress, and revitalize.