How the Cold Wave Laser helped me breathe? by Holli Aleece

I remember specifically growing up – when I was about 14 or 15 years old – I struggled day and day again with poor breathing, wheezing, tonsillitis, and being hospitalized for those reasons.  Now, although I am so appreciative for all my doctors, they were never able to help me.  An oxygen mask here, breathing machines there and a bunch of IV drugs.. Nothing was a solid fix, they were all temporary. Removal of the tonsils themselves was much too high risk and no doctor was in a position to try.  This is about the time the Cold Wave Laser was introduced to myself and my family.

The Cold Wave Laser comes with so many programs for so many concerns people have. Mine being breathing, we were primarily focused on that.  The Cold Wave Laser comes with what’s called a probe. Its exactly what you think it is. A small cylinder stick that allows the Laser to get into more in-depth positions on the body.

My tonsils are usually in a touching position, with very little airway for me. I remember sitting down at my Gran’s kitchen table with my Mom and uncle ready to be the guinea pigs of this Probe.

First we started with the unwind program with the Cold Wave Laser itself on the outsides of the neck, back and chest where my lungs would be. This is sort of a warm-sensation feeling. We then moved into a more suitable program for my tonsils and lungs and used the probe inside my mouth and directly (not touching though) to my tonsils themselves. We ran the program for immune & inflammatory. Now believe it or not, this was an unreal experience, my tonsils not only went down but my airway opened up.  You should have seen all of their eyes widen in disbelief and excitement.

This is not a cure for tonsillitis or anything but the Cold Wave Laser is a huge step in my health that maintained a clear airway for me time and time again.

It is now over 10 years later and I still use the Cold Wave Laser each chance I get! My Tonsils are 50% “Normal” now – and that is a goal we never knew was achievable as I grew up.

I recommend the Cold Wave Laser to everyone for everything. It is a painless, relaxing process with real results, that helps in cell regeneration.

-Holli Aleece