Introduction To Aromatherapy

We have always loved the Art of Aromatherapy and Allana and I have tried to share our love of that art over the past 25 years with all of those who were interested. We have made some great memories and friendships over the years from those classes.

We have never claimed to be a school of any kind but rather we are two ladies who have a business and a passion to help empower people to think for and help themselves.

We had to take a break from our classes over the last 3 years due to world circumstances and local laws but now it seems people are really asking for us to bring them back – so, here we are! 🙂

We have revamped our Introduction to Aromatherapy Series with new updated information but the sequence will be similar to the old series: Please check the individual class page to know more.

All of the Introduction to Aromatherapy classes are 50.00 + tax.

You need to sign up for each class but you can take them in the arrangement that you would like, except you must start with level 1 first because that is where the safety information is and we don’t repeat it in other classes.

Classes are on Sundays from 11-3pm

Check our website for the dates, or call 902-684-9444 or 902-464-2272

Or, email us at