Ionic Foot Cleanse

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Ionic Foot Bath

1 person- $50.00+tax              2 people- $90.00+tax

Appointments approx 45-60 minutes                           

In today’s world, it is pretty hard not to get exposed to toxins. They come at us from all sides. They are in the air, the water, our foods and our furniture and clothing. To add to that our level of fitness and daily activity has been reduced by over 50% for the vast majority of people. If we aren’t moving we are not helping our bodies to remove the toxins we are putting in every day and those can certainly build up in the system quickly. The Ionic foot cleanse can help to get those toxins moving out of the system. You will immerse your feet into a basin of water with an ion releaser. This will release ions both negative and positive into the water basin in intervals of 5 minute periods. The feet have the largest pores in the body although you would never know it to look at them but they will pick up these ions very easily and start to circulate them around the body. These Ions can help to connect with free radicals and toxins and they can help the body to either create a positive result or release those toxins out of the body. The session can be done for one or it can be done for two people. Either way, it is usually relaxing. It is good to try to drink lots of water before your session.   



Insight About Your Body

The water will usually get pretty full of particles. Depending on what your consultant sees in the water we can tell you a bit about what is going on inside the body.


Remove Toxins

The Ionic Foot Bath helps expel toxins from your body via the pores in your feet with the foot bath.

Ionic Foot Bath Treatment 2


You will often feel quite relaxed after an ionic foot bath. Done together with a friend, it’s a relaxing yet fun activity.

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    March 15, 2019
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