Ionic Foot Cleanse

What does it mean when we say we have toxins in our body? Toxins can be created in our body by eating processed food like sandwich meats, prepared foods or even take out.

Sometimes our food choices of quality have a major effect on us. Depending on the choices we make at the grocery store; pesticides and growth hormones can be in our homemade foods.
In today’s world, it is pretty hard not to be exposed to toxins in the air, the water, or our food and as a society, our general dislike for physical activity does not help our body get rid of everyday toxins like it used to be able to.
The Ionic foot cleanse can range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The pores of the feet are some of the largest in the body and when they are immersed in warm/hot water the pores open even larger. Having said that they are still pretty small.

In our Ionic Foot cleanse your feet are immersed in a tub of salted water, the ionic ex-changer arrays are changing from positive and negative ions every 5 minutes. Your feet are absorbing the ions that are being put into the water by the array and as the body absorbs the ions (positive or negative) the cells of the body have a reaction and the results can be seen in the water.
The water will usually get pretty full of particles. Depending on what your consultant sees in the water we can tell you a bit about what is going on inside the body.
You will often feel quite relaxed after an ionic, although the results can look a little less relaxing.
It is often good to have lots of water after an ionic session to help continue the release of toxins and get them out of your system before they resettle in for another stay.

Appointments are required,  allow 30 to 60 minutes


Casaroma Wellness Centre
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