Light Frequency Sessions


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This is a subtle session working with coloured lights on small areas of the body. Every colour of light holds a different frequency of energy. Our bodies are based in energy. When we use different frequencies of light we can energize and help unblock areas of the body. This type of therapy works well with pain, swelling, bruising, skin rashes, as well with sluggish systems such as digestion issues.



The light gently penetrates deep into the cells of the body and rejuvenates you from the inside out, as you slowly melt away into a state of relaxation.

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Discomfort Relief

Using many different light pads with red, blue, and infrared lights to fit any part of the body that is in discomfort



It is like an hour on the beach soaking in that sunshine!

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*Available at Hantsport

*Available at Hantsport

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