Light Therapy

Here at Casaroma Wellness Centre, we offer Poly Chromatic Light Therapy, Using many different light pads with red, blue, and infrared lights to fit any part of the body that needs healing. In a session, we place the pads anywhere that you would like to receive more light. The light then gently penetrates deep into the cells of the body and rejuvenates you from the inside out, As you slowly melt away into a state of relaxation.

Each session is about 20 mins long and is wonderfully relaxing.





Casaroma Wellness Centre
The sessions that are being offered at Casaroma Wellness Centre are for stress reduction and to help you develop a plan to help enhance your life overall. These sessions can help you to get a clearer picture of your current stress and health levels, allowing you to make some proactive changes to your life.
Each and every one of these complementary (holistic) care modalities work with you and your body to help remind your body what it feels like to be in balance and well. All of these modalities will help to bring your body back to a natural healing vibration called homeostasis, this is where the body will start to heal itself.
We, as complimentary health practitioners, do not diagnose or prescribe. You must visit your Allopathic (Medical) Doctor for that.