Making Changes in Our Lives – by Lyzalee Downie

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For most people, their whole goal in life is to be happy, living their lives on a day-to-day basis with the small ups and downs. They want to be able to maintain the status quo in life. Most people want to be able to live with things going positively and automatic. Meaning they don’t have to try to figure too many things out on a daily basis. Unfortunately, people spend a huge amount of their time feeling empty and unsatisfied as well. Many of those people are overall happy with their lives but they like to have things to complain about, these people are basically happy being unhappy. They enjoy time with their friends complaining about things they have no power to change. They know it’s not a perfect life but hey it’s good enough. They are certainly not interested in getting out of their comfort zone long enough to make any drastic changes. Life is life and it is good enough. If you are the person that is content and happy with their life, I suggest you keep doing what you are doing and enjoy every second of it.

But what about those people who consistently have this nagging feeling that they need to change things. They know their pathway could run smoother if they could only adjust their daily course this way or that. How do we figure out how to do that. How do we figure out to be the captain of our ship.

The truth is we often have no idea how to even start making the changes in our lives. How do we start to change the course of our lives without upsetting the whole apple cart, so to speak. How do we change some of our routines without changing every routine or destroying what is beautiful and working properly. When we come up with our grand ideas like.. I want to start exercising, I want to lose/gain weight, I want to make more money. I want to spend more quality time with my spouse or family etc etc. We plan for the thing that we think we get us to our happy place but we often forget how long it’s going to take to change or form that habit, we also forget about all of the daily challenges that are going to be thrown in our way while we are trying to change the habits or create that result. The other thing we often don’t plan for is our own saboteur – you know, the one who comes in to tell us this idea is stupid and we should really just go back to doing what we were doing before we tried to change our lives. The truth is we have more problems trying to keep our own lives on track because of all of the thoughts we listen to in our head. We have so many opinions within ourselves, It’s no wonder we cannot make any steps forward at all and if we do get past ourselves then we get bombarded with other peoples’ opinions or social media or television. There is always lots out there to help us to question ourselves and what we are doing.

First thing we really have to do is change our outlook, this is where positive psychology comes in. We have to change our thoughts and our focus. If we continue to think the old way only old results will come. Sounds corny but it’s science based and gets good results.

Take 10 of your most common negative thoughts and see what you can do to change those into positive ones.

An example-

Wow, it’s just my luck every time it’s my turn for us to do what I want they are not available


I am never going to get there, it just takes too long.

There is so much to say on this topic but I will leave that for another blog.

Look at your own top things that you would like to change write them all down.

Here are some tips to help you get something new into your life

Take some time to plan what these changes could look like. Then ask yourself why you really want them. Write a list of the challenges that this change is going to bring to you as well. If the result is still something that you want, then prepare yourself for the challenges that you are going to meet along the way so they are met with strength and empowerment instead of surprise and weakness. Another hint is to set up rewards that you can have as you meet each challenge in your desired destination.

We also need to remember that as much as we whine that we want things to be different we also hate changing our everyday routines. We want the results to be different but we don’t want to have to make the changes that it is going to have to take to make those results come in. We like things to be comfortable and we like to be able to be on autopilot as much as possible and even though we may not like the results it brings into our lives our brains and body do like the ease and simplicity of doing the same things over and over again. We already know that if we do not change things in our lives our results will stay the same as well.

So let’s look at some helpful hints

You think you want to start to exercise. you can visualize yourself working out the 30-60 minutes a day to exercise, but you are not sure if you want to join a gym or get an app or just do You tube? Well you can start to exercise just by doing these little things in your day. These would start the changing of the daily habits and that may give you other strength to exercise longer too.

How can you incorporate exercise into your day?

Park your car a little farther in the parking lot

Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator?

Every hour get up from where you are (if you can of course) and walk 100 paces then walk back

Quicken your pace where ever you are walking to.

Take two canned goods out of your cupboards while making supper and do some bicep and some tricep curls

Every commercial (if you are watching tv) either stand up and do squats while the commercials are on or stay in your chair and so leg raises.

These things don’t cost money but they do train the brain for some self discipline in the exercise department.

Want to Eat better?

You don’t need to go to a weight loss place you can do it in your own home on your own terms.

First start to journal your food. Why are you eating? What are you eating and when are you eating?

Start with looking at your overall plate. What does it look like? Is it mostly browns and whites? Mostly food from a box? Hamburger helper, pop tarts, subs and pizza?

Even if you did not change a thing at first except to add in a cup of fruit for breakfast and 1 cup of veggies for lunch and supper. You would start to see changes over time. Most people need help with their nutrition there is no doubt about that. Look at your body are you proud? Your body is a result of the food, water, exercise and stress you put into it. Nothing more & nothing less (well at least for the depths of this blog anyway). What we put in either has to be used, stored or gotten rid of. Most of our bodies are storing which is why we are hugely overweight as a population. Not sure if you want to use what you look like as a measurement? Ok, and ask yourself… Do you have pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, Anxiety, sleepless nights, emotional outbursts, could you exercise if you wanted to? How many prescription drugs are you on? All of these things are the result of a body not running smoothly and unless your body starts to function properly again these things will just get worse. No amount of pharmaceutical pills can help make a body healthy only food, water, exercise, sleep and sun and emotional well-being can do that.

Before going on a huge diet change, start with the little things. Give up the packaged foods, increase the vegetable and fruits and try to eat SMALL portions every 2-3 hours. These small portions are not meals they are 3 small meals and 2 small snacks and lots of water, herbal teas or naturally fruit infused water.

Making more money

We all want to make more money, let’s face it, school never taught us how to balance a checkbook, never taught us how to budget. The truth is we will never ever have enough money unless we learn how to budget and how to spend wisely and consciously. It’s more obvious everyday that many, many people are still living way below survival and that is hard in itself. But a lot of the time much of that money is also being put to things that do not move your forward.

We all have our fixed expenses. Rent, utilities, loans, credit cards, phones, etc.

Then we have our adjustable income. That’s where food comes in ( crazy enough but true). Most people will spend a huge amount of money on fast food, processed food and restaurants. Most of the time we call this our treat foods, and we don’t want them taken away from us. We could be getting foods at a much higher nutritional quality and a much lower caloric quantity for much of the same price we put out for our treats.

Yes, it does take some creativity but that’s what changing routines and outcomes are all about. Try putting your budget in writing and seeing where you stand with your overall income. Do you have what you need? Do you need to change jobs or let go of a gym membership ( Outside and home is free). Do you need to pack a lunch instead of a fast food or coffee everyday? Do you need to buy your new clothes when they go on sale or online for a cheaper price? When you start with letting yourself know what you truly have to work with, then you have a chance at being able to start putting away little bits of money for that vacation you are wanting to have so bad. Give yourself goals. Let’s say you have 200.00 a month as treat money put 75.00 of that away for your vacation or other desire you want and get creative with the money you have left to have fabulous treats with for the month.

Now the challenge to all of these thoughts are when you come up against yourself for something that you are used to having or doing regularly and you have to say NO. We hate that word especially to ourselves. This is where those little rewards will come in handy. If you are starting the new exercise routine chances are in day 4 or 5 your are going to try to get out of it. What is your fall back plan? How are you going to get through that moment? Make sure you have rewards for these moments they are really tough to get through.

All in all. Be Conscious about where you want to be in your life and make the little steps to get you there, they are the ones that will keep you there. It took time to form the old habits it will take time to form the new habits. Stay with yourself and if you fall off…that’s ok just try to get back up and try again. The only way your truly lose is if you stop trying.

Until our next time

Lots of Love


Lyzalee Fisher is an Aromatherapist and Orthomolecular health professional, she has been sharing her wisdom with audiences for over 20 years.