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Managing Pain and Living Better


Pain becomes an almost integral part of our lives as we age. Sometimes we cope with it by using medicine or changing our lifestyle, sometimes we ignore it (never a good choice!) and sometimes we just learn to live with it. 

Thankfully, in this age, it is quite possible to manage and gradually remove pain from our lives. Casaroma Wellness introduces Acupuncture – an ancient art of healing most pains. Read more to explore, and book a session today to come chat with our certified Acupuncturist Nicole:

1. Acupuncture
An effective Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine practise where one can experience the dramatic transformation of health at the root level of disease from a mind, body and spirit holistic approach.
The use of immensely thin sterile needles are inserted into acupuncture points on the body to produce very specific effects on the Qi,  blood, and body fluid and function of the  organs. 
Each treatment is unique to the client’s chief concerns and state or condition of their overall health and constitution.
With each session there is a brief consultation at the beginning, where a diagnosis is finalized, a treatment plan is tailored and an acupuncture treatment is given to best meet the specific needs of the client.
The client’s current authentic health requirements are always taken into consideration to provide the safest and most effective treatments possible.
Initial Acupuncture Treatments =90 mins / $120
Regular Acupuncture treatments= 60 mins / $85
Acupuncture Treatments + modality =90 mins
2. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
A natural and holistically healing approach to reducing lines, wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity ,  muscle tone, and structure to the face and neck.
This is achieved using very tiny sterile needles combined with Guasha, Cupping, and electro- stimulation at certain acupuncture points and areas of the face, scalp and neck to provide a specific effect to the area of the client’s chief concerns.
The client’s overall state of health is always considered when an acupuncture point prescription is finalised to ensure the most effective and safe treatment possible.
A typical treatment plan is 1-2 sessions per week for a period of 5 weeks, followed by 1 maintenance treatment per month.
3. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is not covered by insurance alone however can be combined with a regular Acupuncture treatment as a compliment to the TCM Acupuncture session which is covered by insurance.
4. Acupressure Massage:
Is a very effective form of massage using certain techniques and pressure applied to specific Acupuncture points for the client’s health concerns. It also is one way a person can experience the benefits of Chinese medicine without the use of needles and has a variety of therapeutic results, such as improved sleep, mood, digestion, muscular skeletal function, energy, pain relief, stress levels and so much more.
The diverse and positive health benefits are achieved by moving stagnant Qi and blood in the body which can provide fresh nourishment to areas that would be otherwise blocked.
This is a massage that can last 60-90 mins
60 mins / $85.00
90 mins / $120.00
5. Meridian Massage:
This form of massage sustains the healthy flow of the body’s vital Zang fu organ system function through a very precise and methodical process of massage technique and flow for each Meridian pertaining to that vital organ. This ensures a movement of stagnant Qi, body fluid and blood which can improve the function and flow of energy within the Meridians.
This is a massage that lasts 90 mins.
6. Fire Cupping:
An ancient form of body work medicine used not only in China but also Egypt and many other places around the world. It’s main functions are to move muscle, facia, body fluid , Qi and blood. This can provide areas of the body otherwise blocked by obstruction with fresh oxygen and blood to the tissues for optimal muscular and skeletal function. 
The glass cups are heated briefly with heat from a flame and are quickly applied to the skin which creates a suction effect. The effectiveness of this modality is reached by the pulling and removing of excess or trapped heat, cold, dampness, and toxins from different layers of the skin, facia, muscle tissue and even deep within the body and organs. This is a very effective and beneficial treatment for a number of different health conditions and a tailored treatment is assessed based on the client’s main health concerns.
This treatment is usually 45-60 mins in length and is not covered by insurance but can be combined with an Acupuncture session depending on the client’s health concerns and needs which then can be billed to insurance.

7. Reiki

Reiki is a complimentary healing modality which can benefit many other treatments a client may be following and stands for Universal Life Force Energy which transfers the flow of high frequency chi (energy) from the hands of the practitioner to the client without any contact. This is possible due to the fact that our bodies have an energetic field and Reiki amplifies one’s natural process of healing through this potent exchange, resulting in the client experiencing a restorative, balancing, and cleansing effect.

What this would look like: 
90 mins treatments combining 60 mins of Acupuncture with 30 mins of any of the above mentioned modalities.

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