At Casaroma Wellness Centre we are fortunate to be able to offer you a broad spectrum of complementary alternative modalities. Our mission is to empower each and every one of our valued clients with the information to bring their everyday stresses to a much more manageable amount.

Casaroma Wellness Center is excited to announce we are going to have more openings available for some of our sessions as we are adding practitioners focusing on offering you, our valued client with more alternative modalities with more scheduling opportunities.


Allana is passionate about mother nature, our planet, empowering people and making sure Casaroma suppliers are the best we can find in the industry. Best for Casaroma, is always starting with the morals and ethics of the companies we do business with.

Allana has been a visionary and compassionate friend for many staff members and customers over the last 20 years. She enjoys seeing their potential and helping them on to their own path. She is also a wonderful story teller. Many of our students on Sundays continuously tell us how much they have enjoyed and now have a new love and understanding of the subjects Allana has just taught.

Allana has had a steady flow of customers over the last 20 years who have seen her for biofeedback, bio pulsar, PEMF, and light therapy. Allana has also done Aromassage as for many years however now is passing those sessions over to Tina soon. Allana is always interested in her customers whether it is in the store or in her one on one sessions. We are very, very grateful and lucky to have Allana as part of this team.


Lee brings a dynamic sparkle to everything she does. Reiki, Reflexology, Biofeedback, Ionic foot-baths even the occasional Aromassage and facial! Teaching classes on Sundays, doing several sessions a week and dividing her time between endless admin and our busy product centre the rest of the time she still has time to do public talks and interviews and keep up her studies. A most amazing lady!


Alexandra is our store manager. She is talented in so many ways. With a strong background in natural health and retail, Alexandra is well organized and able to handle whatever task she sees needs doing. She is currently finishing her Professional Aromatherapy course & certification.

Alex is now working as a practitioner. Alex can work with you on the In- Light Far Infrared LED light sessions, the PEMF Mat, Ionic Foot Detox System, Cold Wave Laser and soon will be expanding to the 10 session Bio-feedback Protocol Sessions.


Arlea is new to our Casaroma family. She was inspired to study reflexology because of her passion for alternative methods of balancing and the natural healing of the body, mind and spirit. She is now a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist who is a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada. 

Arlea's experience includes working with clients who have endometriosis, mental health issues, and post-surgery patients. She has a full-time background working in the Human/Social Services field. This work allows her to connect with people, provide compassion and empathy all the while determining the needs of her clients through active listening and thoughtful responses. 

Arlea is passionate about learning and educating people about the amazing benefits of natural healing, and for that Reflexology serves an important role. She is also enrolled as an Aromatherapy student and hopes to become certified in 2020 and plans to become certified in Hand Reflexology. 

Arlea's hopes are to move forward to do more meaningful and fulfilling work and share that with the world.  


Donna has been with Casaroma Wellness Centre for several years, Donna is our resident stone expert although she also loves to make product and enjoys customer service. Donna's special gift shows when she is handling the stones, cleaning them and charging them with extra care. She is very talented in her wisdom of the gemstones.

Donna will now be doing card readings for us at Casaroma. Our clients have made numerous requests over the years asked to bring someone in that is trustworthy and safe. Donna has a great background and will only tell you what she sees in the cards. She will not fill your head with a lot of drama.

Life Coach

It is time to step away from the stress and step into a balanced life! We all need somebody we can go to and just let out all our lives woahs and concerns. I’d like to give you the option of having me as your person! We often forget how important we are, I’m here to remind you. It would be great to get to know you! Come see me for a therapeutic listening hour or to make a personalized life plan. This time is all about you; for you!!


Professional Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Customer Service professional. Laura had been with us for many years and then took a leave of absence to go and explore other adventures. We are all happy to welcome her back to Casaroma. She is a wonderful benefit to our team. She has a wonderful sense of spirit and knows how to be a team player. Laura is great at doing custom blends and loves to take appointments to help people discover what they need for their homes, their families and themselves.


Tina is our assistant manager and is a Professional Aromatherapist. She has been working with Casaroma for several years now. Tina is familiar with every aspect of Casaroma and her blending skills are amazing. Her cheerful manner and easy flexibility make her a delight to work with. Tina is now expanding her talents and is doing practitioner work as well.

Tina's sessions will include Aromassage, Aromatherapy Consults, and Natural Aromatherapy Facials. She is currently working with people on the In Light Far Infrared LED light sessions, Eternale Stress Reducing Sessions and the PEMF Mat.