Casaroma Mental Health Support - THERAPEUTIC LISTENING OR Life MAPPING SESSIONS - with Holli

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Sometimes finding the right person to unload your emotional feelings on can be tough to find. I’m not looking for your trust (right away), your personal details, or any information you’re not comfortable bringing forward.

What I as your support worker am looking for, is your time, your honesty with me & yourself, and making your Mental Health to be a priority to not just me, but you too.

If this is the right time for you, together we will start to unpack some of the emotional baggage you carry with you through life everyday.

A bit about me.  My style is realism, I’m pretty blunt, my sense of humour is dry and I will always hold you accountable. My goal is to give each and every person a chance to be heard, in a nonjudgment setting with no bias and of course, unconditional patience and kindness. Getting counselling can be pricey and scary, in my practise we do not diagnose, or prescribe medications. This time is all about you, your happiness, your life, your goals and your Mental Health.

Session Options and Rates (contact your insurance to see if this services is covered)

  • 30 Minute Therapeutic Listening (Zoom Only) $45
  • 60 Minute Therapeutic Listening $80
  • 30 Minute Life Planning (Zoom Only) $45
  • 60 Minute Life Planning $80

I strive to keep my services as low as possible so it can give more people the opportunity to afford looking after themselves.

Client confidentiality is very important to me. Everything you say stays between you and I UNLESS I suspect the following

-You’re a danger to yourself

– You’re a danger to others

– Child Abuse

– Provide testimony or records for court / insurance purposes

Now let’s get to know you! Book a session today!

Me, Your Practitioner:

Holli Gray

MHW, DIPCOUNSEL CRISIS SUPPORT & Personal Development Advisor

*Available at Alderney and Hantsport – and also via Zoom