Moving With The Changing Times – By Allana Downie

Are we there yet? by Allana Downie / Casaroma Wellness

Now, a year after the onset of the pandemic, many of us find that our lives are far different than they were.  It has been a year of change – and I suspect that the changes are not over yet.  Here at Casaroma we are getting many requests for blends to help with anxiety, depression and all the many impacts on lives that have been thrust into unexpected and unwanted circumstances.

So, how do we cope with change?  At its core, change requires comparison.  A difference from the way things were to the way they are now.  For centuries we have been warned about that –  John Lidgate said, “Comparisons are odious”  in 1440.  (My Dad said that to me in about 1956 and when I asked what odious meant he told me to look it up.  That was long before Google, my friends, and I spent some very involved time with Webster’s dictionary!  But I learned that it meant repulsive.)  In 1898 American president Theodore Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  So true!

Now, how do we cope with the current situation in which we find ourselves?

I guess first thing is to stop comparing it to where we were a year ago.  There is no joy to be had in that comparison.  The old reality is gone.  We can’t go back in time.

Change is the law of nature

So here we are.  Now.  Let’s be here.  Let’s discover this reality and engage with it.  Let’s find every positive view of this place and this moment that we can.  Let’s use this moment to the fullest.  Whatever attitude and energy we put into now… sad, angry, grateful, loving, joyous, whatever… will pour over into the future.

I don’t know what exactly my future moment will look like, but I do know what I want it to feel like – peaceful, content, appreciative, engaged!  So these are the attitudes and energies that I will put into this present moment. 

Here are a few oils that I hope will help you to bring your best into your current circumstance         

Black Pepper – (My personal favourite to get through challenging times).  It strengthens the mind, increases mental and emotional stamina, helps us to face fear.  This is good in a personal scenter or a roll-on.  I also use it often in a morning shower.

Fir –  This is an elating oil.  It reduces anxiety and stress and helps to clear the mind.  I like this one in a diffuser in the house, office or car.

Bergamot – Another great oil for uplifting and balancing emotions.  Great for nervous tension, depression, anger and general frustration. Caution though with this one on the skin.  It is phototoxic and can cause adverse reactions if the skin is exposed to sunlight even 12 hours after application.  Good for diffusers and shower gels.


Calming blend for an evening bath.

3 drops of lavender and 5 drops of Roman Chamomile in an ounce of Dead sea salts

5 drops of Fir and 5 drops of Lemon in a 60 ml bottle of unscented shower gel or body wash for a morning shower.

3 drops of Black Pepper and 5 drops of cypress in a roll-on of 10 mls fractionated coconut or jojoba for a tough day ahead.  Use as often as needed for courage and endurance.

Let’s enjoy this moment, whatever it looks like.  It is the only moment we have.  It is the only true reality!