“New Research on Antiviral Qualities of Black Cumin – what you need to know” by Allana Downie

Black Cumin Seed – Nigella Sativa

Carrier Oil

Cold-pressed from the Seed

Generally used as part of a carrier formula rather than on its own.

Properties:    Anti-allergenic, antioxidant, antiseptic, broncho-dilating, immuno-stimulant, lymphatic, tonic.  High levels of A, B and C vitamins.

Traditional Uses:

Skin:   Aging and damaged skin

            Healing wounds and burns (Tisserand)  

            Post radiation or after sunning (Tisserand)

Respiratory: Use in a chest rub for colds and bronchitis.

Immune:        Use as part of daily moisturizer for stimulating the immune system

What’s New in Research


Two studies have been recently published about the potential role of thymoquinone against COVID-19. (Thymoquinone is found in black cumin (Nigella sativa) seeds, essential oil, cold-pressed oil, and CO2 extract.). One of the new studies found that thymoquinone effectively binds to the ACE2 receptor expressed on the surface of many cells, thus preventing the coronavirus from entering and infecting the cell. A previous study indicated that thymoquinone might inhibit the viral protease enzyme, which could further strengthen the antiviral effect.

The other study is a review article that discusses the potential role of thymoquinone in cancer patients infected with the coronavirus. It argues that thymoquinone has a unique combination of antiviral and antitumor properties. At the same time, it may alleviate systemic inflammation associated with both diseases, as well as chemotherapy-associated toxicities.
Readers can access the full-text articles here: Computational and Experimental Studies Reveal That Thymoquinone Blocks the Entry of Coronaviruses Into In Vitro Cells

Thymoquinone: A Tie-Breaker in SARS-CoV2-Infected Cancer Patients?

Please note that both articles are based on preclinical research. Clinical studies are necessary to validate their findings