Nutritional Consultations & Guidance

30 minutes- 50.00+tax   

60 minutes- 90.00+tax                   

90 minutes- 130.00+tax

So many of us do not know where to turn anymore when it comes to trying to get healthy and live a pain-free life. Others are totally terrified about ageing as they watch what our elders are going through. In our consultation times we will create individual plans that can work for you and your family. We will educate you on why it is important to eat certain foods and why you should avoid others. We will discover what foods work for you and which you should avoid. Not all foods and beverages are bad they just need to be used in moderation or proper balance. Menu Plans, cooking instructions, supplements, lifestyle choices and education in holistic nutrition will be covered in these sessions.

This is the kind of appointment that you should only make if you are willing to make changes in your life. Making changes in your life are the only things that will bring changes to your life.


Our Practitioners

Laurena (Lyzalee) Downie

*Available at Alderney, Hantsport and Gibsons