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At Casaroma Wellness Clinic, we help people understand what stress is. Using Aromatherapy and stress reduction therapies, we help them regain health. We have Electronic Therapies, Massage and other Holistic Health Services to offer you!

Just lay down, and relax on the mat and in 8 – 16 minutes, over 70 trillion of your cells become harmonized to a better, more natural harmonizing frequencies!

The skin absorbs InLight’s gentle but potent LED wavelengths of infrared, blue and red light. Cells and nerves beneath the skin become stimulated and the body is able to self-heal and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tone, scars, and even inflammatory acne

Our Eternale Lift Treatment focuses on anti-aging and skin improvements on the face and neck areas while our Eternale Spa Treatment works on the whole body.

Aromatherapy is a fascinating alternative modality that involves the use of volatile plants materials, also known as essential oils, that can be aromatically inhaled by clients of a wide variety of health conditions. 

Activate your brain’s peak potential. Develop a new pattern of success, or lose a bad habit. It’s easy as putting on a Brain Tap headset and choosing from over 700 brain enhancing audio programs.

This is an energetic healing modality similar to Reiki that uses a light touch or sometimes no touch at all. It is incredibly powerful, yet so subtle and relaxing experience.

Come and treat yourself to a nurturing, relaxing and rejuvenating massage! We have Hawaiian Massage and Hot Stone Massage available various minute sessions.

Reflexology helps to induce relaxtion and circulation encouraging the body to heal itself. Treatment involves the use of moist towels applied to feet with a luxurious and relaxing reflexology massage using aromatherapy massage oils.

Each appointment is unique. You will be lying down on a treatment table and you remain fully clothed. It is a very still session, the practitioner can use their hands above your body or slightly on your body, but there is very little movement except from one spot to the next.

Here at Casaroma Wellness we offer a varied of different facials ranging from Luxurious Aromatherapy Facials to Cold Wave Laser Electronic Facials. Our facial treatments are great for reducing wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, acne, and much much more!

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