PEMF Mat Therapy

The human body generates and runs on electricity. For thousands of generations, our energy has been in synchronicity with the natural electromagnetic frequencies of our planet, and our bodies cannot survive without this natural rhythm. This was first experienced during the first Russian space flights and further researched, and verified by NASA in countless space missions ever since. This flow of electricity can be blocked, leading to pain, stress, trauma, and illness.

Our state of the art PEMF mats and devices are the only Health Canada approved PEMF devices available in Canada. They are proven to work and can reduce the stress caused by un-natural energy like cell phones, radio waves, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, and many other sources.

By harmonizing the trillions of cells of your body to a lower earth-like frequency, we are able to re-introduce the natural rhythm of the earth into the trillions of cells of your body in just 8 minutes. This can help your body in a number of ways to battle the stresses, and in time may help to alleviate pain, and circulation problems leading to better overall health. Our PEMF devices also utilize Brain Entertainment, sound, and light therapies to further relax and allow your body to recover from unnatural stresses.

Just lie down, and relax on the mat and in
8 minutes, over 70 trillion of your cells become harmonized to better, more natural harmonizing frequencies.


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