Reflexology- Helps Reduce Stress

A combination of relaxing music, lighting, aromatherapy and foot reflexology. Reflexology is an ancient art of working on the feet to help bring comfort and relieve stress in the body. This holistic treatment works with your own body systems to help bring your body back to its natural state of health.


The foot is full of meridians and pressure points that can coincide with all parts of the body. A Reflexologist is trained to look for feedback from the feet, hands and the ears (depending on the reflexology training). When we use gentle but firm pressure on the feet, we can help to stimulate different parts and functions of the body. listening and understanding the body’s reaction to this technique helps to relieve some problems the body could be experiencing.

Reflexology can help bring the body back to its natural state of health and well being. Reflexology is also great at reducing stress. When stress is alleviated the body can start once again to create happy healthy cells to work within the body. This can help to improve the well being of you, our valued client.

Appointments for Reflexology Session are required.
The cost of the session is $60.00 + tax


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