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A gentle, non-invasive way of de-stressing the mind and body. Reiki can also work with reviving the chakras and bringing the body’s energy field into alignment. Each session is approx. one hour long. During your session you remain fully clothed & lie down on a massage table. You will be listening to soft music, and smelling a custom blend of essential oils to help you to relax. the practitioner works with the energy field of your body.


Reiki appointments are approximately an hour (sometimes more, sometimes less). Each appointment is unique. You will be lying down on a treatment table and you remain fully clothed. It is a very still session, the practitioner can use their hands above your body or slightly on your body, but there is very little movement except from one spot to the next.

The practitioner is working with the energy system of your body, which is a very subtle system so often they will concentrate on what that field is doing. Very little conversation is held until the end of the session. Soft music will play in the background and you are welcome to drift in your own world while the session is being done. We do use aromatherapy to enhance the reiki session as well.


Balance Your Energy

The Reiki practitioner simply opens a channel for the positive energy to flow through your body to help YOUR body re-balance itself.



Reiki works with the body, mind, spirit and emotional realms to help you to relax.

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Realign Your Chakras

This life force is like electricity and it flows through our body using its own highway system called meridians or chakras. Reiki can help reattune those Chakras.

Our Practitioners

*Available at Alderney only

*Available at both Alderney and Hantsport locations.


*Available at Hantsport only