Client & Customer Reviews

"As always, phenomenal service and wonderful people. You can expect the best quality of treatment personally possible. They will greet you with a smile from ear to ear and you will leave feeling happier and healthier. My favorite place to go."
Cassidy L
"What a wonderful experience. I had my first ever aromatherapy massage today with Lyza. The relaxing music, aromas and steamed towels left me wanting more and the thank you package was a nice surprise. Thanks so much. Be sure to check Casaroma out for yourself or a gift for a loved one. So grateful to have these services in Hantsport."
Kim S
"Found it very informative, hit the nail right on the head with my body, recommend to my friends to give it a try, thanks"
Janette U
"So much great information. Thank you Allana for explaining everything for Lincoln to understand."
"The sauna was perfect. Music was relaxing and the small details Casaroma adds to their services make it that much more enjoyable! We are so lucky to have this gem in Hantsport!"
"30 mins packed with valuable information. Thank you so much. Excellent as always. A beautiful service with so much heart. A million thank yous."
"Casaroma is a lovely facility and Linda, the Massage Therapist on site is wonderful!"
Angela C
"The Casaroma Wellness Centre staff are next to none when it comes to service and knowing how to help their clients. I highly recommend to treat yourself to one of their services, or better yet, a few services. You'll be glad that you indulged in your health. The price of their services are very fair. Hands down!"
"I had BioFeedback with Allana. Allana is kind, compassionate and understanding. She also has the skills to understand and apply the biofeedback system to get the most out of it. And the biofeedback system is truly amazing. It provides real information on all levels of your health and well being. A great aid to healing."
Anna D
"Ionic foot detox, very helpful and friendly service. Highly recommend!"
"Amazing products and amazing staff, 10/10"
Denise S
"I took my Golden Retriever to the hantsport clinic after a few months of having a lot of issues ... issues I thought I'd loose him over ! the vet just wanted to send me to PEI .. as a single mom that's not as easy as jumping in the car and going ! After half hour of biofeedback it was like magic Allanna told me what steps I needed to take and 2 weeks later of pumpkin puree and omega fish oil my boy has done a 360° !!!! I'm excited for our future together as well as our next appointment with an amazing angel to our family !!!!!!! "
Marina M
"I have been looking for a product to help me clear up rosacea - without much success. I visited Casaroma Friday at noon and purchased a 15g jar of their Sensitive Skin Cream which contains rose and roman chamomile essential oils. Instructions say to apply as needed and I have been applying 4 or 5 times a day. The results are amazing- much better than the products offered by national and multi national companies & much more natural ingredients. In fact their products offered little help. I will be back & and thanks to your staff who knew exactly what would help. 😌"
Lynda F
"Their products are excellent. I recently purchased General Outdoor Spray with Geranium. It smells nice and it keeps the bugs away. Their outdoor spray for children works too. I sprayed it on my grandchildren and they said "That smells good! Better than Dad's." Thank you! Casaroma team."
Linda A
"Casaroma is not just a wellness center, Casaroma is a home away from home. I discovered Casaroma in November, 2019 and it has completely changed my life, from my mind and body, to overall well being. November of 2019, I didn't only discover Casaroma, I discovered another family. The most positive, kind-hearted humans i have ever met. The bio-feedback was my first discovery with them and let me tell you, it is completely life changing and then i discovered the brain tap and lights, now that too changed my life. In January of 2020, i found reiki, I am now (almost a certified level one reiki practitioner.) Since stepping into Casaroma for the first time, i am now a completely different person, my mental health is now stable for the first time, I am now on a journey i never thought i was able to discover, with thanks to everyone at casaroma, this would have never of been possible. If this pandemic was happening in October of 2019, i would not be this calm during this different time of our lives. i could not express my love for everyone at Casaroma and all the amazing things they share with us and help us with every single day. I was exhausted, mentally and physically, i tried so many different options throughout my life trying to find something that would heal me and Casaroma fell into my lap and gave me that. I still have a long amazing journey ahead of me and i can not wait for this pandemic to be over so i can return to Casaroma and see my family, once again. Thank you to the team at Casaroma for treating me with nothing but love and compassion and never giving up. I love you all and hope you're staying safe through this different time in our lives. Let the healing continue ❤"
Caleigh L
"I love the products at Casaroma ~ my go to products are the peppermint foot soak, a variety of the bath salts and the bubble baths and shower gels. I love that the products are local and contain natural ingredients. I never end up with allergic reactions or issues due to the scents. The staff in the store are friendly and helpful & the prices are affordable."
Lisa B
"I found Casaroma truly helped with my cold/flu symptoms. Especially when I am aty worst; I love it when my mother comes home with holistic products that will help me with different ailments. 😊😁"
Ally S
"I really appreciate the integrity that Casaroma exemplifies. They really care beyond, about people, about the source of where they purchase their products etc. I love these ladies and refer people to them often. Thank you for providing us with the best oils and products possible, I get confused by so many diff oils out there however I know when I purchase from you, the oils are without a doubt, therapeutic grade. Business done different, with consciousness and hugz. 💋"
Kim C
"I highly recommend Casaroma Wellness to all my essential oils & oils!
Lori S
"I had the opportunity to meet Allana in Gibson's while on a R & R with my husband. I have been suffering with veritgo for the last 4 months and saw the Wellness Centre sign and walked in. From the moment I walked in the staff were amazing, truly caring and willing to hand me over to the best of the best. Out walked Allana. Was able to have two treatments while here and felt the vertigo ease up the first night. Second night even better. I feel I am on the right path to full recovery. Thank you Casaroma....I am so thankful to all of you"
Deb G
"I had my first visit today at Casaroma. I had a bio feed back session with Lee. I learned so much about myself. She is very good and explained everything to me. The staff was very friendly. I am very interested in aromatherapy and signed up for my first course in Nov. I am so excited to learn more."
Leslie P
"Very nice store great staff , teach great classes , and I love � everything in the store"
Sharon M
"Just using my booklet from the Household class; and thinking "this is a godsend." Thank you, Allana and Lee for all the knowledge you share. I love learning from you and so thankful for your diligence in getting great products in."
Diana L
"Wonderful and knowledgeable , surely a hidden treasure trove. My boy Jasper has terrible allergies , he had his biofeedback scan done with Allana . Jasper was a very good puppy and loved Alana's calm room and his treats . Every pet owner that has a dog with allergies should have this done ❤"
Barbara V
"I have started taking the Aromatherapy classes and love it! So engaging and educational. Everyone in the shop is lovely and the prices are great! I recommend Casaroma to everyone!!"
Amanda R
"Thank u so much for your time today!! Very knowledgeable! And your skin Lee � no words amazing ! I will be back !"
Nikki B
"Amazing service, I called asking about something for a family member and they created a custom blend specifically for her ailment, asking about blood pressure, medications, etc, then called back to recommend another product as well. After I picked up the products they checked in with me to see how they were working out, very caring people, quality product. Highly recommend!!"
Jenn C
"best place for healing and wellness."
Norma H