The Casaroma Growing gratitude Line – by Laurena

Growing Gratitude line

We all know 2020 and 2021 have been incredible years. They have certainly given us challenges. Could you imagine someone telling you a virus would put the world at opposite ends of belief and we would all willingly stay indoors!  You would have thought they were crazy – yet, here we are.

We are being told to be afraid, we are being told everyone could be a potential threat to everyone else and we are being told to cover our faces and breathe in our own air, and stay inside do not go anywhere unless absolutely required – and we are abiding by it. Very scary situation, but very scary behaviours as well.

Allana and I believe that, what you think about, you bring about in your lives. We believe in the goodness of people and we believe the world can be filled with goodness and health, quite quickly, if we all get on the same train. We also believe that if you show the way, many will walk the path of positivity and empowerment.

This is why have we created the Growing Gratitude line.

We want to remind people that there is goodness happening everywhere on this planet. There are fantastic, healthy, happy people in every mile and corner of the globe.

We want to help you to be generous and giving – we want to help spread love and kindness to your loved ones, even strangers.

This is how growing gratitude originally came into a physical reality. This line is about generosity and caring.

It is kind of like joining our hands together to form a circle. As we continue to connect with others and build up the togetherness with each other once again, we will increase the positivity of this planet. That will make this a better place to live and raise our children. We must start thinking about being kind to all species and that includes humans. We must start to think with common sense and joy, we must start to recognize that it is important to be grateful for the life that is making you alive today, and appreciate what is right in your world. That is your starting point.

Our first product has been met with a huge success, every time we make it, it gets instantly sold out. It is a Happiness Spray kit, which includes 2 special blended sprays geared towards bringing lightness and joy into your area. We have included the identical second product free of charge – and it has a label on it that says it is a “gift of love”. That is our gift to you – in hopes that you regift it to someone else – free of charge. It’s an affordable way for you to be able to be generous with others. We are all trying to do the best we can, sometimes it is hard to find strength within ourselves to carry on. When someone gives you a gift just to be nice, it can give you so much rejuvenation. We are hoping you will help us do that for you and others.

Let’s reach one million people out there with our gifts of gratitude line. Thank you for helping us!

Casaroma Team- Allana, Lyza, Peter, Holli, Laura, Alex, Tasha, Marian, Coleen, Suzanne, Arlea, Linda, Mini, Gary, Ajay & Gaurav – We are holding hands and making our worlds a better place to work and live!