What’s in the old Scotia Bank Building in Hantsport?

It is Casaroma Stress Reduction Centre!

Come in and get familiar with us.

If you have ever been to Hantsport, Nova Scotia and you did any shopping at all, you were on Main Street. There are several shops here including The Barking Bean, NSLC, School Street Studio Glass, My pretty Hair & Nails, Home Hardware and the Independent grocery store. As many of you know there used to be a Scotia Bank in this area as well but it moved out in 2018. The building sat vacant for about 2 years and then in June 2020 a small company purchased the building. 

Casaroma Wellness had been looking for a location for many years as many of our students and customers can attest to. We have searched through many areas including Kentville, Windsor, Elmsdale, Enfield, Dartmouth, Halifax, Hammonds Plains and Bedford. Just to mention a few. A friend and customer of ours wrote to us about the Old Scotia Bank building in Hantsport and wondered if it might be a fit for us, we looked at it online and thought it was at least worth getting a real estate agent to let us get a look inside.

We (Allana and Lyza) fell in love instantly. We spent our first few minutes just soaking in what we thought it could look like, then we thought about this location.  We knew it was a small town but we could feel the beautiful energy surrounding this town and we knew if we opened up here we would be able to produce our products from here and sell online more frequently. So we made the arrangements and took over the building on July 3, 2020. Yes, during the Covid Pandemic. We thought about what we should do and we decided to grow instead of shrink. We decided to make a brave and bold move. The result could be a much better future for Casaroma and all of our clients.

November we opened the doors out in Hantsport as Casaroma Stress Reduction Centre. We are loving it!! We have great services like Biofeedback, Aura Scan, PEMF Mat, Inlight therapy, Dry Sauna, Reflexology, Reiki, Aromafacials, Aromassage, Back renew, Aromafoot massage, Cold Wave laser, nutrition one on one, Mental health support worker and Hair Health analysis. For products, we carry over 100 different, pure, therapeutic, affordable, responsibly farmed essential oils, natural carriers and bases, bottles and caps, hair care, bath and beauty, Products that are safe for children and pets, natural household cleaners, things for pain and suffering, diffuser oils, personal scenters, Romantic products and products to help de stressing and sleeping.

The most amazing thing about us is that we customize in other words we listen to you and what your needs and wants are and we try to give you a product that will give you results.

We make everything at our two locations in Nova Scotia 1) 49 Main street Hantsport Nova Scotia &2) Alderney Landing, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Casaroma Stress Reduction Centre is located at 49 Main Street, Hantsport Nova Scotia and has become the hub of our preparing and shipping products across Canada. We love coming to work each day in Hantsport, it’s a beautiful little town and we are very grateful to be a part of it.

Come in and visit us at either location we would love to meet you.

Look us up online at casaromawellness.com

Allana and Lyza