About us

Welcome to Casaroma Wellness, your number one source for being proactive and healthy in your choices for life. We specialize in aromatherapy based products that are naturally made. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best of everyday & household products, with an emphasis on Clinical Aromatherapy– we create healthy natural products to help make a difference in your life. We also do Custom Blending– Custom blending gives us an opportunity to create products for an individual that has a specific need that may not be easily dealt with from products that are made for the general public. Everyone has their own set of challenges, we make custom blends to help minimize or end those. We have over 300 recipes from customer issues over 25 years, many of those recipes worked so well that they made it into our regular catalogue. They don’t get on the shelf and offered to you unless they have made a difference to someone in the past. We love what we do and are always moving forward and added new things in. Recently we have added two new pathways to enhance the aromatherapy product line. We now offer Orthomolecular nutrition consultations and supplements and Mental health support including life planning and therapeutic listening. We really want to be able to help you and now we can help you change your life around in an all inclusive manner- Body, Mind and Spirit.


Founded in 1997 by Allana Downie & Lyzalee Downie, Casaroma Wellness has come a long way from its beginnings, they started with a Saturday market table at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Allana & Lyzalee opened their business because they could not find good quality essential oils or really high quality natural products that could really made a difference in peoples lives. They both had a back ground in retail management as well as in natural health so they decided to open a business that would be ethical, honest, dependable, helpful and positive. We wanted to be able to give people a product that could help them make a difference in their lives. It is then that Casaroma Wellness was created.


Our hope and joy is that our products, and suggestions make a difference in your life. We love being of service to all who are seeking to make their life a better place to be. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Allana and Lyza are naturally born teachers, they love to empower and educate anyone and everyone who wishes to listen to them on how to live a powerful, spiritual and healthy life. They truly walk their talk and encourage others to have strength and faith in themselves.

Mission Statement:

At Casaroma Wellness our Mission is to help give you the tools to make a positive difference in your life. We are passionate about giving you true hope. We empower, we educate and we make 100% natural products to help you make a better life for your Body, mind and spirit. We see you, the whole person and your specific needs and through clinical aromatherapy, orthomolecular nutrition and mental health support…


Customizations are our USP. Connect with us today to know more - email us, call us or simply drop into one of our stores!