Reiki Classes

Here at Casaroma we teach the Reiki classes first as a lifestyle and then we look at becoming a practitioner and having a practice.

Individual Classes

Here at Casaroma we teach the Reiki classes first as a lifestyle and then we look at becoming a practitioner and having a practice.
Reiki classes are usually taught in 3 basic levels. We teach the teachers level separately which makes it 4.

Reiki Levels

Introduction to Reiki is part 1 of the Reiki 1 Class this is a 3-hour class that covers the history of Reiki, the major players of Reiki history, what exactly Reiki is and what it does. How you can raise your own vibrational frequency, learn to live at this frequency on a daily basis. 

The level one Reiki is in two more classes. We learn what the chakras are how to work with each one and how each one of them can affect us.  We learn energetic exercises to help you learn the language of your body, mind, and spirit. We learn to work with on a daily basis and totally understand the Reiki principles. We learn how our daily lives have an impact on the lives we lead. We learn about the frequency of food and water, atmosphere and attitude. We get our first attunement in the first class of level 1. Following that class we work with a 35 day cleanse that helps to work with you getting to know who you are from an energetic point of view, you are also encouraged to clean up your eating habits if they need to be cleaned as well as your everyday life. The journals can help you to do that. You will also be taught the art of self Reiki and its importance. In level one we also learn that working with energy has great effects on plants and animals. 

This level is taught in 2 classes.  In this class, we learn three of the symbols and what they actually mean. We learn how to truly connect with them so you can feel what they truly are doing. These work with raising our own personal fields to those levels.  We learn how to do an energetic room cleansing. Day one is all theory, then we will once again do a 35-day chakra cleanse, this time focusing on bringing each of the symbols and what they feel like into each of the chakras then when we return we work on other people to feel what their vibrational patterns can feel like.

This level is in 2 classes. We open with a class of review of the levels 1 and 2. It is at this time you should be comfortable with the feeling of energy, and if you look back over the time since you took your first Reiki class hopefully you see a difference in your everyday life and that difference is a benefit to you. By this time we hope you are comfortable working with energy on a daily basis and you are ready to be able to co-create with the universe. The first class in this series is going to be introducing new symbols. We will also do more work with room clearing and being able to change the effects energetically of a room if it does not have good energy. We will get more familiar with learning to deal with frequency changes. There will be the Reiki 3 attunements in this class, then we have a 35 day energetic cleanse. This cleanse is based on reconnecting the chakras to each other as well as to the body, mind, spirit. This can be quite an intense cleanse. This helps us to understand what is happening in our everyday life and how and why we deal with things the way we do. It helps us to better be equipped when things don’t go as well as we would like them to. We have an option to join again in the middle of the cleanse time to work on symbols and we can do some more practitioner work if this is what the class wants. We will have our final class at the end of the cleanse to complete the level 3 Reiki in this class we will join again to discuss the cleanse and answer any questions you may have had about the process you have just been on.


We feel there is far too much information in level 3 to learn anything more about how to teach others Reiki. It is better to come into this class after you have done your own raising of your own frequency, this can take many months even years. You will know when it is time for you to do this class. In this class, we will learn the art of doing attunements to other people instead of receiving them. It will also be reinforced why it is important that you are living at a certain level of life before you teach others the art of living this lifestyle. We will then be doing our final 35 days cleanse. We will again meet at the end of the 35 days to complete our work with attunements, symbols, and the responsibility of teaching others.

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